How-to: Get texture in your hair

23:35, Aug 26 2012
texture 1
Ashley Greene shows off her beachy waves.
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Use these texture products to create tousled, beachy waves in your hair.
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These products will help fix your do in place.
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Get some height in your hair with these texture products.
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Big hair - or at least, bigger hair - can be yours with these voluminising products.
blake lively
Blake Lively shows off a textured fishtail braid.
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A model demonstrates scarily big hair at a Carolina Herrera fashion show.

You hear your hairdresser going on and on about texture, but what does it actually mean? And what's so great about it? Bex Brent, ambassador for L'Oreal and owner of Willis York salon fills us in.

"Texture gives you the ability to change your look," explains Bex Brent, ambassador for L'Oreal and owner of Willis York salon.

"If you want to style you hair - even a simple style - texture is what will give it traction and make it stay. Texture helps your pins stay in place, it helps to give you volume, and it also adds interest to a hairstyle."

From the voluminous 1960s 'big hair' look to a modern textured ponytail or tousled beachy waves, texture is the brawn behind the beauty, the muscle that makes it happen.

"It's not a new thing," Brent says. "Adding texture to your hair is an old trick - even Marie Antoinette did it. How else do you think she got her wigs to sit so high?"

Texture products come in the form of mousses, sprays, lotions, creams, and dusts. "Texture products, except dust, generally work with heat," Brent says. "They stay tacky and react with the heat from your blow dryer".



YOU NEED: Salt spray, hairdryer with diffusion head

Add texture into your locks to create tousled, beachy waves. "The key to this style is that it looks relaxed and undone," Brent says.

1. Spritz salt spray through slightly damp hair. Run it right through from roots to tips for a fully tousled look.

2. Use a hairdryer with the diffuser head and scrunch handfuls of hair as you go to encourage the hair to curl and wave. If you feel like you need a bit more wave, use curling tongs or thin ghd's and go round your head, curling small sections at random.

3. Rub a pea-sized amount of matte wax into your hands and run it through the mid lengths and ends to finish.

PRODUCTS TO TRY: Structure Beach Texture Spray, $24; Wella Ocean Spritz Spray, $27; Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, $57 from Mecca Cosmetica; Wella Bold Move Matte Styling Paste, $27; Kevin Murphy Gritty Business, $48.


YOU NEED: Volumising mousse or cream, hairdryer, a large paddle brush.

Thin flat hair? Add some oomph do your do with volumising products. "Whether you choose to use a mousse or a cream setting lotion is up to you," Brent says. "Getting volume in your hair is all about the heat, as volumising products react and expand with it."

If you want voluminous curls or large waves, set your hair in heated rollers after applying a generous dose of volumising cream. Remove rollers after they have cooled, then gently loosen your hair by wiggling your fingers through it.

Brent recommends tipping your head upside down for maximum volume at the roots. "Whatever direction you want your hair to go, blow it that way," she says.

"For big hair, blow your hair backwards, and for sleek and flat hair run the blowdryer down your head from top to bottom to smooth it."

For full blown volume - best for updo's and sleek styles worn out - follow these steps:

1. Spread a decent dollop of volumising mousse or cream through your hair, running from roots to tips.

2. Tip your head upside down and turn your hairdryer on full. Brush the hair with a large paddle brush as you dry it.

3. Now your hair is big and bouncy, either apply a tiny bit of smoothing serum to finish, or go on to pin it into your updo.

PRODUCTS TO TRY: Kevin Murphy Full Again, $48; Goldwell Stylesign Jelly Boost (brushless product), $29.95; Schwarzkopf Volume Styling Mousse, $6.50.


Want height in your updo? Trying to get that quiff up and off your forehead? Get some heightening products into your hair.


1. Holding a section of your hair in the air, spray heightening sprays (like L'Oreal's Horizon Fix) directly into  the roots. Allow to dry (you can blast it with a hairdryer if needed) and begin your updo.


1. Dust a volumising texture powder into the roots of the section where you want your hair big. Gently work the dust in with your fingers.

2. Use your fingers or a comb and gently backcomb your roots to lift.

3. Continue on and begin your updo.

PRODUCTS TO TRY: L'Oreal Horizon Fix, $33; Redken Quick Tease Finishing Spray, $36; Structure Dust - Matte Hair Powder, $28; Matrix Mega Dust, $21.


A great hairstyle not only looks fantastic, but stays in place as well. Set your do with these fix products.

PRODUCTS TO TRY: Goldwell Stylesign Pump Freezer, $29.95; Schwarzkopf Taft Freeze It, $7.99; KMS California HairStay Medium Hold Hairspray, $27.