How-to: Get Karen Walker hair

04:22, Aug 28 2012
Karen Walker hair 1
Models show off a fresh, modern take on the classic French roll.
karen walker hair 2
The soft, sleek hair pairs well with Karen Walker's latest looks.
karen walker hair 3
All you need to get hair like a Karen Walker model is some Wella SP Pearl Styler ($27) and a few bobby pins.

Are Karen Walker clothes beyond your price range? Don't worry, you can get hair like a Karen Walker model without spending a fortune.

The latest looks from Karen Walker were on the catwalk earlier this week in the first of a string of fashion events.

The hair, designed by Lauren Gunn of Stephen Marr in association with Wella was a fresh and modern take on the classic ladylike French roll. We break down how to do it in four easy steps.

1. Make a centre part in your hair that runs right down to the back of your head. Secure at the temples with bobby pins. "Try to keep it nice and flat," Gunn says.

2. Now make two pigtails, nice and low at the nape of your neck.

3. Take one pigtail and roll it inwards. When it begins to get tight, lift it directly upwards and stuff the ends of the ponytail into and under the twist of hair. Pin to secure with bobby pins.

4. Remove the bobby pins from your temples, and smooth the top, sides and back with a touch of Wella SP Pearl Styler ($27). "This smoothing lotion gives your hair a fresh and dewy look," Gunn says.