Trend report: Summer hair

17:00, Sep 25 2012
pastel hair
IN VOGUE: Kelly Osbourne is bang on trend with her lilac-toned hair.

If you're dyeing your hair this summer, a completely artificial look is in vogue.

Celebrities like Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga set the trend - choose anything from pastel pink, vibrant orange, mint green, yellow, and white hair with black. Whether you have long hair, a bob, or a pixie cut, unstructured, loose cuts are the look for spring and summer.

International stylist Michael Beel, creative director at Wellington salon Buoy, says that if you're not comfortable with colourful hair, the other way to go is completely natural. "If it's highlighted - it's looking as if it's just been sunkissed, rather than having pieces of colour running through it. Both extremes are honing through there."

Kelly Osbourne
QUITE A TAIL: Sleek ponytails are great for summer.

Fresh from designing hair for catwalk shows at New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW), Beel has worked as a hairdresser since 1997. He has also styled hair at Australian and New York fashion weeks, and had work published in magazines such as Remix, Culture, Headway, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Fashion Q and Lucire.

He says another trend is using product to create a 90s, grungey, beachy look.

"If you are wearing it up for summer it's [the look is] super high shine and clean . . . a tight braided bun or a really sharp slick pony tail.


"I did a show at NZFW for Ruby where we made the hair look really high shine at the tips - so the light really just bounces off at the end more."

Most people don't get their hair treated, but it's vital to do it at least once a week. "If you think of it like skin - you cleanse, tone and moisturise," he says.

"Shampoo and conditioner are pretty much just cleaning the hair, and the hair treatment is going to give it the nutrients it needs. But your stylist will definitely recommend an appropriate treatment for you."

Stylist David Malo has recently returned to Wellington after working in New York, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles, where he styled celebrities such as Celine Dion and Khloe Kardashian. Boasting 20 years in the industry, he worked in New York with Oribe - an American stylist who teased supermodel Cindy Crawford's hair for American Vogue. He worked as a stylist for American hair brand Sebastian in LA, styled on shoots for Asian magazines China Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and ran a salon in Hong Kong.

Malo says the most common problem his clients face is not knowing how to style their hair in the morning. The other problem is fluffiness, "but that all comes down to being recommended the right products", he says.

"It has always been a bit of a letdown if you have got some amazing clothes, but you go out with some not-so-hot hair. It just completes the look, I think."

Now styling at Wellington salon Bambazonke, he says that getting a decent haircut and tips from your stylist on how to do your hair is vital. For long hair, top-knots are in vogue; wear them on top of your head, and curl some strands left loose at the front if you're uncomfortable having all of your hair pulled back off your face.

Another option is the ponytail - backcomb it slightly for a "high-top" look. You can create different looks by switching between a half-up or a full ponytail, and changing where you position the ponytail on your head. Use a medium hold hairspray "because if it gets too sticky, once it's in place it gets too hard to rearrange again".

Meanwhile, for short-haired people, Malo says it all comes down to making sure you've got the right product - and making sure your stylist has educated you on how to style your hair.


Get the season's artificial look with Australian brand Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs, $26, which come in pink, purple and peach. White will also be available from December, which can be blended with the other colours to create pastel hues, or as a base on dark hair before applying colour bugs to create a brighter colour. Available from leading salons nationwide.

Spray on Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair - a dry shampoo - after applying the Colour Bugs, as an alternative way to turn the colour into a pastel shade. $47 for 250ml or $25 for 57ml.

Australian brand Spilt Milk is a mineral powder used to disguise your regrowth in between colour sessions. Coming in a shake pot with a brush, you can shake it onto your roots and then blend it in. It washes out with shampoo. Available in blonde, black, dark brunette, brunette, red and also in copper. It's $80 for a 40-gram box.