Crazy hair dos (and don'ts)

16:00, Nov 07 2012
Wella 1
For those psycho days when all you want to do is wash your hair in the shower...
Wella 2
These are great haircuts, but the outfits, not so much.
wella hair 3
A short, sharp look from the Wella Trend Vision Awards.
wella hair 4
If you can have a hair helmet, why not a hair crown (and matching braided neckpiece)?
wella 5
Pastels and neon - that's two trends ticked off in one hairstyle!
wella 6
Are these models auditioning for parts in a new Star Trek movie?

Pastel panels, futuristic feathered headpieces and some very wild outfits were on display at the 10th annual Wella Trend Vision Awards in Madrid last week.

Eighty-six finalists (including Kiwis Mana Dave and Kaleb Pritchard) from over 50 countries competed in the event, organised to challenge the hairdressing skills of some of the world's most talented stylists.