How to: Get beach-worthy hair

21:21, Jan 29 2013
Beach hair
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Sun, sand and seawater might seem like a recipe for a hair disaster, but use the elements to your advantage and keep your hair looking chic before, during and after a day of beach lounging.

Nadine Johnson, Sebastian Professional Urban Artist loves the top knot for an easy beachy look.

"You need a style that will go the distance and gutsy products to support the look" she says.

Beach hair
PRODUCTS: Joico ICE Finisher Shaping Hair Spray, $25; Joico Creme Wax, $25; Kevin Murphy Gritty Business, $48; Sebastian Shaper Fierce, $35; and Pantene Pro V Sheer Volume Hair Spray, $8.17.

"This look is effortless chic at its best, but the secret to getting this right is to make sure the texture is right".

1. The sun, wind and seawater dry out the hair and make it brittle, so protect your hair before you head outdoors.

Apply a generous amount of leave in treatment styler to towel dry hair. Try Sebastian Potion 9 styler lite, $51.50; Matrix Biolage Colour Care Shine Shake, $30; or Clairol Herbal Essences Leave-in Treatment, $6.


2. Throw your head forward and blast with a blow dryer until almost dry (about 75 per cent there). This will give your hair great body.

3. With your head still upside down, gather all your hair into a pony tail sitting right on the top of your head. Now straighten up and twist the end of your pony around the hair tie, and secure with a few bobby pins.

4. Spritz all over with a strong hold hairspray to make sure your look lasts all day. Try Sebastian Shaper Fierce, $35; Joico ICE Finisher Shaping Hair Spray, $25; or Pantene Pro V Sheer Volume Hair Spray, $8.17.

5. During your beach day the wind and salt will get into your hair and give it a lovely tousled texture. If you're going out that night don't bother washing it - simply let your hair fall loose and scrunch a bit of wax through the ends to enhance the look. As your hair has been in a bun all day it should have movement and a few gentle waves.

Try Joico Creme Wax, $25; The Body Shop Beeswax Texturising Wax, $25; or Kevin Murphy Gritty Business, $48.