Easy, glamorous New Year's hair

Have you planned your New Year's hairstyle yet? We've just found the fastest, simplest - and not to mention sexy - hair look for your bash on the 31st.

All you have to do is toss it to the side.

"Sweeping your hair to one side instantly looks glamorous" says Louise Pilkington of Newmarket's Dry & Tea hair salon.

"Side styles are quick and fabulous, and easy for anyone to achieve. It's total easy glamour with just a touch of the eighties!" she says.

How to create the look

These hairstyles are all about big drama, so if you have thin, flat of fine hair you'll want to add a bit of volume before styling.

"I love Pureology Pure Volume, it pretty much doubles your hair" says Louise.

"Apply to damp hair band then blow dry it."

Try: Pureology Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier, $42; John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster Spray, $20.50; or Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Mousse Volume Styling, $3.99.

Side style one - the sweep

Decide whether you want a straight or a wavy side sweep, and either run a curler through your hair or iron it straight. Pull all of your hair to the side you want to wear it. You may need to tuck a few pins up under the bulk of your hair to hold it in place.

Side style two - the pony

Follow the steps for the side sweep style, and then wrap a hair tie around the hair and secure behind your ear. Leave a section of hair that was hanging down in front of your ear out of the pony, this will be used to style up the look.

"Run a curling tong through the hair that's left over to give it a soft and gentle wave. Take the waved hair and sweep it across your ear, wrapping the end around your pony to cover the hair band" says Louise.

To get Taylor Swift's side pony look simply split your pony into two and wind your loose section of hair about each separated pony. Sprinkle some styling dust into the crown of the head and gently rub it in with your fingers for a messy and textured crown.

"A powder or dust will also give your hair a bit of grip so it's not so slippery.  Dust it where your clips will go and it'll hold onto the clips better" Louise says.

Try: TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust, $29.95; Kevin Murphy Powder Puff, $48; or Redken Powder grip, $33.

Side style three - the plait

Follow steps one and two, and then simply plait the end of the pony and secure the end. For a polished look hide the hair tie by wrapping it in a tiny section of hair and securing with a pin. Set with hairspray.

Side style four - the bun

Follow steps one and two, but leave the end of your pony in the hair tie so it turns into a rough bun. Curl any loose ends with a hot iron to give the bun some texture and either leave them out or pin them back up into the bun. Set with hairspray.

A little note on hairspray

"Try using a pump spray over an aerosol hairspray in summer as the product combined with the humid air will enhance your hair's natural wave" says Louise.

"Pump hairspray will hold your style in place but retains movement so it still looks natural. Pump sprays and dust will give these side swept hairstyles a bit more texture, and a little more authenticity that will make it look like you had it done in a salon!"

Try: L'Oréal Professionnel tecni.art fix design, $33.00; TIGI Maxxed Out, $33.95; or Matrix Design Pulse Zoom Force, $21.00.