Big hair is back in style

21:06, Mar 05 2013
Big hair
BIG HAIR IS BACK: Hairstyle by Marc Jacobs.

We've all had days when we feel a little flat, but for some it's something they deal with every day.

"You're either genetically blessed with luscious volumous hair, or the opposite" says Richard Kavanagh.

"The cleanliness of your hair also has a lot to do with it".

When working on creating volume it helps to start with clean hair. "If your hair is dirty or oily it'll often be limper," he says.


If you struggle with fine or flat hair, try colouring it. "Colouring the hair makes the hair shaft swell and the cuticle become rougher, which gives it more volume," Kavanagh says. "Blonde highlights also do the trick." And if you don't want a colour change? Simply dye it the same shade as your natural hair.



Creating volume in the hair is all about having the right products. Look for products that are heat activated as they last longer in the hair. "Getting a good base is important," Kavanagh says, and always start with dry hair, even if it means blow-drying it first. "Blasting your hair bone dry before applying your product allows the product to work more efficiently," says Kavanagh. "Applying product to wet hair only dilutes it." Kavanagh advises applying a volumising mousse or thickening lotion before using hot tools to activate the product.Try Redken Guts, $38; or Joico Body Luxe Root Lift Volumising Foam, $30.


There are several techniques you can use to add volume to your hair. For a long-lasting glamorous look, section the hair off and curl it, pinning each curl on to your head to cool. Brush it out and set it with a light hairspray for a look that will last all day.

For a quick-smart shortcut to volumous hair, try a bit of backcombing. Using a tail comb take three to six centimetre sections of the hair and force the comb into the roots of each section. You should end up with a small cushion of hair at the roots, rather than a full blown 80s' backcomb. Spray lightly with hairspray.

If you're on the go and need instant volume, pull out the powder. "Hair powder is a great way to add volume," Kavanagh says. "It's a really fine fibre that sticks to the hair shaft and gives it grit and texture".

Sprinkle it into the roots and rub gently with your fingers for an instant pick-me-up.

Try L'Oreal Superdust, $23; or Schwarzkopf Instant Volume Powder, $7.29.


"Love Your Hair is a recipe book, but for hair styles" says Kavanagh. "It's a bible for hair, for all women and all hair types". The book features detailed sections on tools and hair care, and 24 easy-to follow recipes for creating hairstyles from the easiest pony to the fiddliest finger waves, along with photos. Love Your Hair ($34.99, Random House) is out now.