How-to: The modern chignon

16:00, Mar 19 2013
Chignon pony tails
STEP ONE: Use a comb to part the hair down the middle into three distinct sections. Tie each of these off with a thin hair tie.
chignon twist
STEP TWO: TWIST Take the left-hand ponytail, and begin twisting; pulling it at all times towards the ponytail in the centre. Loosen the pony a bit to get a nice fold of hair at the left-hand base of your neck. This is the left side of your chignon. Fix it in place with "U" hairpins.
chignon twist 2
STEP THREE: Take the left pony and continue twisting until you meet up with the centre pony. Join the centre pony to the left one in your hand and twist them together to join the pony on the right hand side. Now, just like you did on the left, loosen the hair off slightly to get a nice fold on the right-hand base of your neck. Pin into place.
chignon twist 3
STEP FOUR: Now you have the two ends of your chignon, wrap your hair back and forth between the two ends (twisting all the time) to create a lovely rounded baguette shape. Pin as you go to hold it in place.
chignon pin
STEP FIVE: Finish by pinning and tucking the stray ends in behind a twist so they are hidden. Set with a good dose of hairspray to fix any stray hairs.

It's a chignon my friends, but not as you know it. Redken's Jock Robson created a sweet but modern take on the classic chignon for models at iD Dunedin Fashion Week. Here's how to recreate the look at home. 

"The key to this look is to keep it sleek," Robson says. "If your hair is not naturally straight then pre-straighten it with hot irons. Then spray a bit of hairspray through to give it grip and control."