Beyonce debuts a new look in Cuba

01:46, Apr 05 2013
BEYONCE'S BRAIDS: The singer's ditched the sleek blonde tresses in favour of chocolate corn-rows for a trip to Cuba with her husband of five years Jay-Z.

While we're still recovering from that Pepsi ad where multiple Beys shimmy and are then taken over by a poltergeist, Beyonce, 31, is currently holidaying in Cuba with her husband of five years Jay-Z, 43.

Americans aren't actually allowed to visit the country for mere tourism under Washington's 51-year embargo, but the pair are likely to have gotten visas on journalistic or cultural exchange grounds. 

The power couple were spied strolling around Havana's old town, with the Single Ladies singer no longer a blonde, and now sporting brunette braids piled on top of her head. Perhaps she took inspiration from her little sister Solange, who was seen with a similar look last year. 

Beyonce stopped to take pictures with the local kids, while her music and now sports mogul husband stood back, puffing on a Cuban cigar (the man is well-known to love a Cuban, and is even reported to have hired a cigar rolling expert to join him on his upcoming tour with Justin Timberlake).