Four ways to hide dirty hair

BEAT A BAD HAIR DAY: Jennifer Lawrence shows off a milkmaid braid.
BEAT A BAD HAIR DAY: Jennifer Lawrence shows off a milkmaid braid.

If you're anything like us and you'd prefer to hit the snooze button for an extra 15 minutes than battle it out with a bottle of shampoo in the morning then this story goes out to you. Here are four foolproof ways to hide dirty hair.


Switching up your part instantly reinvents your look and it also confuses the roots to help you capitalise on the volume that's hidden underneath. Start by spritzing the roots with dry shampoo before using your hands to create an imperfect part on the opposite side. Hot tip: if the ends need combing use a thick-bristle brush which you can use to gently backcomb the lengths to stop the ends from looking stringy.


If you've got naturally thick or curly hair, it's best to embrace the wavy texture that's created by day-old-hair with a messy braid. The beauty of the milkmaid braid is that it works on most hair lengths, requires virtually zero styling product and promises to stay put well into the night. Think Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Lawrence and you get the pretty picture. Get the look by dividing the hair into four equal sections before securing each of the pieces into a ponytail. Then to create the braid, start by plaiting each of the ponytails before wrapping them around the crown, pinning the plaits into place using bobby pins.


Rather than fight limp-locks, use the natural oils in the hair to create a super neat and shiny low bun or ponytail. The key to pulling off the polished look is to use a thick bristle brush to smooth the hair into place before securing the style back into a ponytail using a piece of hat elastic. Unlike a straight up hair elastic, hat elastic allows you to customise the tension to suit the thickness of the ponytail without creating bumps on the crown.


Adding a slick of bold lipstick to the pucker is the easiest way to divert attention away from tired-looking hair. You can't go wrong with a cherry-red or berry shade for winter. Just remember: the softer, the more hydrated your lips, the punchier the colour will look. Avoid feathering by treating your pucker to a gentle exfoliation using a soft toothbrush before layering the colour.

If lipstick isn't your thing, working a cotton handkerchief or vintage headscarf through a loose plait or bun also makes for a pretty distraction. Simply finger-comb your hair back into a messy ponytail before looping the scarf through the elastic and weaving it through the plait.

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