Video: Three minute hairstyles

02:06, Jun 27 2013
FISHTAIL FAKE: Want Blake's look but without having to leg it to the salon? Number three's your answer...

Running late for work and your hair is misbehaving more than a bratty kid at the grocery store checkout? It's easy to just fling it all up on your head into the ubiquitous messy topknot, but if you've worn that so much your colleagues are starting to suspect you secretly want to quit your job to become the world's least flexible ballerina, it might be time to switch things up. 

We've done the dirty work of trawling YouTube hair tutorials to find here a few other styling options for medium to long hair - and best of all these three styles can each be done in less than three minutes!

Knotted hair

Normally we'd do anything to avoid knots in our hair, but we'll make an exception for this beautifully textured side 'do.

Rope plait


This looks like a sleek, sophisticated update on the basic plait. Once mastered it's actually even faster to do than a plait (we're talking in between stops on the train fast) and the results look like you've done something super fancy with minimal effort on your part. This also looks amazing done in a high ponytail, and you can even then wrap it into a bun if you are still fighting a bun addiction.

Fake fishtail braid

Have you ever tried to do a fishtail braid? It takes about 25 minutes and 16 fingers. There's a reason it's a red carpet favourite, and that reason is that celebrities have trained professionals to do their hair. Try this cheat's version instead.