Check out Oprah's giant 'fro

22:08, Aug 06 2013
ONE AND A HALF KGS OF CURL: Oprah says this afro-wig cover is her favourite ever.

Take a moment to feast your eyes on Oprah Winfrey's ginormous 'fro on the cover of next month's O Magazine. A cover that the big O tweeted was one of he "all time faves" - and she's been on a lot of O covers (as in every one ever made).

It's fun to imagine what she might be keeping up there. A whole fleet of cars to gift to her studio audience? Plans for global domination? Gayle? A bunch of pens and pencils (for writing thoughtful thank you notes to fans)?

"Who needs a pencil case?"

Spoiler alert! Turns out that it's not Oprah's real hair. According to The Gloss it's a giant 1.5kg wig her "longtime hair guru" Andre Walker borrowed for her from The Voice stylist Kim Kimble (who also looks after Beyonce's hair).

If we all try hard enough, one day we might be able to say we have a "longtime hair guru". That's how you know you've made it. 

- Daily Life