Get the look: The billowy top knot

21:07, Aug 19 2013
nom D hair
SURE TO RISE: Model Dasha from Vanity Walk shows off the hair look designed for next week's Nom*D show at The Marr Factory.

Does it take you ages to get your hair right in the morning? Fret not, because the latest look is more bedhead zombie than groomed diva.

Sophy Phillips, hair stylist at Stephen Marr in Auckland, created this ode to Miss Havisham for The Nom*D summer collection showcase at next week's The Marr Factory fashion events.

"We took our inspiration for this look from Japan's mid-century geishas, as Nom*D's summer collection has some amazing printed silks inspired by Japanese kimono prints from the same era," creative director Lauren Gunn says. "I think this is a great place to start for an update on the summer knot, whimsical and intelligent."

Here's how to get the look.




Volume lift mousse, serum and hair spray

Brush and comb

A hair elastic and a few bobby pins

STEP ONE: Add a drop of serum to two big handfuls of volume lift mousse and work it through damp, freshly washed hair from roots to ends. Using a blowdryer, shake out your hair with your fingers until it is completely dry. Use a brush to smooth around the hairline to get a pretty feminine finish.

STEP TWO: Take a U shaped section from temples to crown and clip the hair away. Backcomb or tease the rest of your hair at the roots until it is airy and billowy.

STEP THREE: Tipping your head upside-down, gather your hair into a an elastic approximately 15cm from your head. Drop the elastic onto the top of your head, wrap the ends into a messy knot and secure it with pins.

STEP FOUR: Take out the U-section and lightly back comb it, then loosely pin it into the knot. To create a soft cobweb texture pull out a few wisps and strays and spray with hairspray.

HOT TIP: Take the nozzle off your blowdryer to get maximum volume and texture.