Miley debuts new hairstyle

01:52, Dec 09 2013
Miley Cyrus
MILEY 3.0: She doesn't look like this anymore.

When it comes to Miley Cyrus, hair changes are an important indicator of things to come.

After all, it was a Twitter picture that marked the official moment she went from sweet, butter-wouldn't-melt Hannah Montana to the controversial, twerking girl we see today.

Miley's pixie cut was certainly a bold move, and now she's trying out another hit or miss style: the bob.

Check out Miley's new hairstyle here.

Cyrus debuted a completely different short 'do at an event in Los Angeles this weekend, paired with red lipstick, bold brows and a freshly chopped fringe.

We're not sure how much of her new look is permanent and how much is down to clever styling (a centre part in her undercut perhaps?) but either way we're just not sure about it...


Is she trying to nab a Vogue cover by impersonating the Queen of Fashion herself?

Because straight up stealing Anna Wintour's signature haircut seems far from the right way to go about it if you ask us.

Could it be that Miley is planning to quit the ridiculous tongue action, wear actual clothes instead of nude, latex bikinis and dial down the dreaded butt-gyration move and finally reign it in?

Miley posted this photo to her Instagram...