This hair product will change your life

WONDER PRODUCT: Meet Colour Wow. Expect to see your hairdresser less.
WONDER PRODUCT: Meet Colour Wow. Expect to see your hairdresser less.

You've gotta love scientists.

Sure, some of them are out there immersed in research on eco-friendly fuels or finding a solution to the super-bug 
threat, but others of them are tirelessly devoting their brains to serious beauty problems - namely, how to hide grown-out roots. 

Colour Wow, a mineral powder for hair, is the latest invention in a long line of products that have addressed this particular, widespread and annoying problem. 

(Hair crayons and sprays have had a crack at it, but they look waxy and unrealistic, and even worse, can wash out in the rain.)

The genius of Colour Wow, which was three years in the making, lies in its molecule makeup. Its tiny two-sided zinc particles have a positive charge at one end, which attaches to the negative charge of the hair.

The other end of the particle holds its mineral pigments. Explains Joseph Cincotta, Colour Wow's head of research and development: "The zinc builds a molecular bridge between the hair strand and the pigments to camouflage the roots."

The best news? That bond can only be broken by lathering with shampoo - plain old rainwater or sweat won't budge it.

The powder comes in six shades and all have a mix of opaque and reflective pigments, for the most natural look. 

Wait, that's not the best news. The actual best news is that Colour Wow, which won a 2013 Allure magazine Beauty Breakthrough award as well as countless others, is coming to Farmers from 23rd March and will roll out to pharmacies and salons from April.

At $49.95, it costs way less than a colour appointment at a salon (especially considering it will last for around 60 applications). Expect to see your hairdresser less often...