Automated curling tongs - which is best?

16:00, Mar 04 2014
CURL MAKERS: From top, VS Sassoon Curl Secret, $249.99, and Remington Curl Revolution, $119.90.

Moving your arm to curl your hair - so outdated! These days the new hair tools take care of the motion for you.

- VS Sassoon Curl Secret, $249.99, available at most electric retailers. (This is virtually the same as the Rusk Miracurl, made by the same parent company but sold in salons for a slightly higher tag.)

How it works: Clamp your hair near the roots and the tool whisks it up into a 'ceramic curl chamber' then spits it back out, perfectly curled.

Pros: Fast to use once you have the hang of it, and you can even use it with your hair in a ponytail or pigtails for extra speed. Makes firm, long lasting curls. Fun to use.

Cons: You have to wait till the machine says your curl is ready to get it out; there's no cheating. It's possible to get your hair caught if you don't follow the directions (though it's not common).

You can only curl reasonably small sections at a time, unlike with tongs where you dictate the size of the section. Also, these devices are pricey and a bit bulky.


- Remington Curl Revolution, $119.90. It's available from April 1 from electrical retailers.

How it works: It looks just like a regular tong with a clamp, but it has a switch to twirl the barrel either outwards or inwards, so you don't have to twist it up yourself.

Pros: Remington makes great appliances with similar bells and whistles to much higher priced devices. This tong has 90-second heat-up, ceramic technology, variable heat settings and automatic safety shut-off. It's also half the price of many similar tools.

Cons: We have to say that, unless you have arthritis or serious RSI, there is really no need for an automated tong! In fact, the motor spins it a lot slower than we could do manually. We found it better to just use this like a normal curling tong, for which it has perfectly good results.


If you are dedicated to achieving curls (particularly if you have finer or straighter hair) the VS Curl Secret is worth the money. If you want to save your cash, one of Remington's non-automated tongs will be perfectly fine. (But if your hand is in a plaster cast for some reason, the Curl Revolution could be the answer!)

Check out this how-to video for creating perfect curls with the Rusk Mira Curl (similar to the VS Curl Secret):