Celebrity hair products you should try

22:58, Mar 26 2014
JUST LAUNCHED: Claudia Schiffer has designed a collection of products with haircare giant Schwarzkopf.

These days, every starlet worth her salt has a gig advertising hair products.

From superstars such as Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani to supermodels like Gisele Bundchen and Doutzen Kroes, most shampoo brands rely on famous faces to spruik their wares.

But some celebrities aren't content with just being a 'face' of the brand.

RACHEL REIMAGINED: Jen Aniston has joined forces with Living Proof to create a range of hair products.

When it comes to the big business of hair products, savvy stars are now buying into the company or forming partnerships to create their very own line.

The latest to do so is Claudia Schiffer - the German 'super', who has amassed more than 1000 magazines covers, has recently partnered with haircare giant Schwarzkopf to create her very own brand of hair products.

"I've always wanted to design and create hair cosmetics products and Schwarzkopf has given me the opportunity to finally develop my own signature hair line," she says.


IT'S SUSTAINABLE: Kate Holmes is the co-owner and spokesmodel of Alterna, a luxury haircare brand with emphasis on sustainability.

The good news is that her just-launched range is pretty affordable - $14.99 across the four different care ranges and $18.99 for the colour range, which includes her own favoured shade, Light Cool Blonde.

To get your hands on Jennifer Aniston's choice of haircare, Living Proof, you'll have to fork out a little more.

The range, for which Aniston is both a face and co-owner, sells for $44 to $68 at Mecca Cosmetica.

Living Proof was launched by a team of scientists who discovered a new molecule that addresses the causes of frizz.

Katie Holmes also has a similar relationship with Alterna, a luxury haircare line that's been around since 1997.

Holmes joined as co-owner and spokesmodel in 2013.

Alterna uses natural sustainable ingredients such as caviar, seasilk and bamboo, and contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Alterna is not available in stores here, but you can find it on plenty of websites that ship to New Zealand.