Why she smears red lippie on her face

DARK CIRCLES BE GONE: Yes, you'll look crazy in the process, but smearing lippie all over your face is a true buy-less-products beauty hack.

... the results are kind of amazing.

Getting lacquered

Extend your manicure by applying another topcoat on day three and day four.

Observe these simple few guidelines to nail the right look for your hands.

Try these beauty pick-me-ups

TOUCH UP: Highlight, add glitter or conceal.

Party season making you feel exhausted? Here are five easy ways to look perky even if you're feeling pooped.

Pimples? Don't panic

NOT LIKE THIS: Pimples are inevitable and require a considered approach.

When it comes to pimples, a little violence is sometimes called for.

Getting your wing on

WING IT:  If you have cat-shaped eyes, flaunt them.

If you have cat-shaped eyes, flaunt them. Here’s how.

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