How to get Joan’s matte lips video

Joan Smalls' matte red lips are the ultimate classic, bold beauty statement.

Want to try this bold beauty statement? Here's how...

Get the best out of your primer

Widely regarded as having one of the best complexions in the business, actress Cate Blanchett would know more than a thing or two about the benefits of primer.

Primers aren't crucial, but they do add polish. Here's how to use them.

Cut 10 years off in 10 minutes

THE BAD: I fear that we're going to be seeing a lot more of this droopy-necklines-with-material-ears-sticking-out-over-arms design in 2015. Julianne Moore is a goddess, but this Delpozo dress looks more Elle Fanning (who would probably pair it with fawn cowboy boots) at an event populated by Nickolodeon stars than it does 'one-of-the-greatest-actresses-of-our-time-at-the-Palm-Springs-film-festival'. This dress has been described by other critics as wonderfully 'architectural' - well, if one would consider a paper bag a work of architecture ...

Award-winning hairdresser Andrew Barton shares his anti-ageing tips for your barnet.

What's really in your face cream

There's plenty of products on the market to choose from - but what's in them?

A little scepticism is a good thing ... here's what to look out for on the labels.

6 OITNB beauty hacks video

Lorna Morello - inmate, beauty icon.

You may be in a dun-coloured jumpsuit, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy on-fleek brows and a flush of blush.

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