How-to: Keep your makeup in place

23:05, Aug 28 2012
falsies mascara
SMUDGEPROOF: Maybelline New York Volum' Express Falsies Black Drama Mascara.

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked one of these burning beauty questions, I'd be semi-retired in the Bahamas by now. From mascara to lipstick and liner, here are the smudge-proofing, colour-protecting, time-saving answers you've been waiting for.

 Q. How can I stop my mascara from smudging?
It's up there with SPF as every girl's desert-island beauty product, but unless you're using a waterproof formula, it's best to ditch wearing mascara on the bottom deck. Reason being, the bottom lashes tend to sit too close to the skin causing any moisture or oil from concealer or eye cream to send the product south. If you're in the market for a new wand, the spoon-shaped brush on the waterproof variant of Maybelline New York Volum' Express Falsies Black Drama Mascara (RRP$23.99), makes it perfect for wielding in tricky-to-reach spots like the inner corner of the eye.

Q. How do I wear lipstick without it fading and feathering?
Start by making friends with a lip liner. When used correctly - and by that we mean worn layered over lipstick - the humble lip pencil acts as a barrier to keep lipstick looking punchier for longer. For serious staying power, ditch the lip brush and use your ring finger to press the product onto the skin. Then once the lipstick has settled, use the pencil to shade over the lip area, concentrating on the centre of the pout where the lipstick tends to fade first.
If you're more concerned about keeping the colour in between the lines, makeup artist Fern Madden suggests prepping the lips with a balm. "Start by coating the lips with a clear salve, blending the product slightly outside the natural lip line," says Madden. "The balm not only works overtime to prevent the lips from drying out as the lipstick wears, but it also doubles as a barrier to stop the colour from sliding."

STAYS PUT: L'Oreal Paris SuperLiner Gel Liner.

 Hot tip: In order for the lipstick that follows to stay put, you want a tacky (meaning: not overly glossy) finish, so try blotting away any excess balm using a tissue.

 Q. What's the trick to keeping eye liner in place?
Stop wearing it on the waterline. Most women apply eye pencil directly along the inner rim of the eye, which causes moisture from the eye area to dilute the intensity of the liner. Instead, make the switch to a gel formula that you can apply directly in at the roots of the lashes using a brush for sharper definition. Try the waterproof L'Oreal Paris SuperLiner Gel Liner, $28.99, which glides on like a kohl but wears looking glossy. 

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THE EYES HAVE IT: Leave your bottom lashes mascara-free if you're worried about smudging.