Five lazy-girl beauty tips

Last updated 05:00 04/07/2013
Lazy girls

LAZY BUT LOVELY: Do you love a bit of pamper-time but aren't willing to commit hours (or bucket-loads of cash) to it? Then these tips are for you.

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The walk from electric-blanketed bed to chilly bathroom is just sometimes too tough, which means many of us (I'll raise my hand) often go to bed without washing our face.

Am I suggesting you just get up and go to the bathroom?

Of course not. It's winter!

Just keep a pack of face wipes beside your bed, et voila, you're at least removing your makeup and getting rid of bacteria on nights when it's all just too much. 

TRY:'s Chamomile and Aloe Vera wipes, $10.99 for 25. 


Want lovely big bouncy curls? But every time you've tried to use a curling iron you make your hair look like it's zig zagged? Then try this beauty blogger's overnight sock trick: I literally can't braid my own hair I'm so uncoordinated, but I managed this in about five minutes and it did give me bouncy curls - after I finger brushed-it out a bit. Win. 

A trick that's equally useful is the sock bun.


Well, kind of. Dry shampoo is, of course, the ultimate power tool for lazy girls, but if you have a sensitive scalp it might just give you the itchies.

Solution? Just use corn flour instead. Yes, just put a tiny bit on your fingers (or a powder brush) and then finger-comb it through to avoid looking like you've gone grey. In my opinion, it works just as well. (You can also dab a little on your eyelids before applying shadow to de-grease). 


Ever been halfway through getting ready only to discover your favourite lip gloss is finished? Or maybe the colour's been discontinued (why do they even do that!)?

Well, pop the kettle on, fill a mug with the boiling water and pop your lippie in the mug for a few minutes (cap on, naturally). This brings the product from the edges of the tube so you can get a good week-or-so more out of it.

PS: You can also take the little stopper-thing out of mascaras and lip glosses. No idea what I'm on about? Let Charmed Valerie explain it better.

PPS: Oh, you can also try cutting the skinny end off tubes of shampoos and moisturisers etc - there's usually quite a lot of product hidden in there.


Before I knew this trick, every time I tried to jazz things up with a home manicure I would mess up the whole thing with one fateful rummage in the ol' handbag. That stuff's like putty when it's half dry!

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But now I just make sure I sit there for two minutes (I usually just watch a music video on YouTube) before I submerge my nails in icy cold water for about three minutes (another music video).

After this little treatment, the polish is rock hard so you can head straight out the door without having to worry about trying to find your car keys with your elbow. Win. 

- Do you have any quick and easy pamper routine tips?

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