How-to video: Create a hair donut

The ballerina bun, polished chignon or grown-up top knot as we like to call it, continues to be a red-carpet staple, and for good reason.

Unlike soft waves, or wispy styles that require hours of prepping, not to mention constant touch-ups, the humble bun is equally as practical as it is pretty.

While Kim Kardashian, Kate Bosworth and Jennifer Lopez have the look down pat, the good news is, you don't need a live-in hair stylist or Rapunzel-like ends to make it happen.

Enter the hair donut, a ring-like mould that loops into the ponytail to create a perfectly shaped bun. Although you can pick them up at most hairdressing supply stores, we're about to show you a thrifty way to make your own, using unwanted socks or stockings.

HOT TIP: When it comes to texture, right now, natural-looking body and movement is the tall order of the day, but for a sleek finish, try securing the hair into the pony while it's still wet before spritzing the crown with hairspray.

- Daily Life