How-to video: Tousled waves

02:39, Jun 25 2012

If you have naturally straight hair you'll know what a struggle it is to get any sort of curl or movement into it, let alone make it stay. Here's how to get a longlasting style.

1. Prepping the hair is vitally important. Not only does it protect the hair from heat damage, it also gives the hair a base in which to hold the curl.

2. Section your hair off with a clip. This makes it easier to access and makes sure you don't miss any spots.

3. Work your way around the head with your hot irons or curling tongs. I like to start by clamping my iron at the base of the hair, turning the irons as I pull to wrap the hair around them. For a less uniform and more natural look, alternate your curl direction as you work your way round the head.

4. Texture dust is a relatively recent invention but an amazing one - it gives your hair grip and texture, which help it hold its shape. Sprinkle it into your roots and gently work it in with your fingers. Dry shampoo gives a similar result if you don't have texture dust on hand. Gently backcomb the hair at the roots with your fingers to stop your curls falling flat.

5. Set your hair with a light spritz of hairspray. For extra oomph to your hairstyle, flip your head upside down while spraying and give your head a good shake.

6. Gain back any shine lost during styling with a finishing or shine serum. Remember a little bit goes a long way - use too much yand your hair will look greasy.