How-to video: Bright eyeshadow

Bold blue, popping yellow or peacock green? Bright eyeshadow isn't as scary as it seems, you just have to know how to wear it.

1. Take an eyeshadow brush and dab your chosen colour onto your eyelid, stopping at the crease. For a more intense look take the colour up a bit higher into your brow bone.

You'll often find you need to layer the colour up a bit to get it nice and bold. Choosing an eyeshadow with a saturated pigment will make this easier; sometimes eyeshadows that look bright in the box end up wishy-washy and weak. Always test the colour on your hand before buying. A lot of beauty brands are making cream eyeshadows now, these are also great for achieving this look as they dry and stay without creasing. Follow the same steps if you're using a cream.

2. Sweep a blending brush over the edges to soften.

3. Make your eyes pop by lining your top lashes with a black or brown eyeliner. Smudge the colour into your lashes to soften.

4. Take an eyeliner in a similar colour to your eyeshadow and run it along the bottom lashline, right into the waterline.

5. Finish with a good coating of mascara.

TOP TIP: When using powder eyeshadow in bright colours you'll often find it tends to drop down onto your cheeks. By doing your eyes before applying your foundation you'll be able to sweep the colour off your cheeks without ruining all your hard base work.