Hair how-to video: The quiff

If you're wearing your hair in a simple ponytail, chances are your 'do' doesn't say much more than 'I am going to the gym' or 'I am doing chores', but add a quiff and suddenly your hair has a runway feel. 

Just five minutes from no look at all, to dressed up and fashion forward - we like that! 

Stephen Marr's Lauren Gunn shows us how...


Prep: Lightly blow-dry your hair using a little volumising product.

Step 1: Use your fingers to grab the top section of your hair from temple to temple - this is the part that will be the quiff. Twist it out of the way.

Step 2: Brush the rest of your hair into a ponytail that sits on your occipital bone (the bones behind your ears at the bottom). Secure with a hair tie. Tie an extra piece of elastic around the ponytail in a knot leaving the ends free (to later secure the quiff).

Step 3: Back-comb the quiff in smallish sections - about the width if your comb. Gently brush over the top so that the quiff flattens to the height you require. Bring it together by brushing the edges from the temple to the temple, and secure to the main ponytail with the prepared elastic.

Step 4: Wrap a piece of hair from the pony around the elastic to conceal it. Leave the 'do' soft and wispy, or tidy with hairspray.