Hair how-to video: The French roll

The French roll is that much-envied style worn by everyone from Hollywood sirens at glitzy parties to chic french women who exude that certain 'je ne sais quoi.'

Unfortunately, no matter how many times you attempt to recreate the chignon magic, and add some sophistication to your day, it all turns to custard.

So, if you want to look classic and chic, and like you put in a whole lot more effort than you really did, then this is the do for you.

Stephen Marr's lauren Gunn gives us the run down...

Step one: Part your hair to the side. If you have a natural wave, work with it. If not, blow dry some volumiser into your hair to give it some texture.

Step two: Take all the hair over one shoulder (tuck the opposite side behind your ear and smooth the hair across) and secure it with a pony tail holder, half way down the hair.

Step three: Pin the hair against the back of your head, flat to your head - about 2/3 of the way across.

Step four: Take a little foam hair 'sausage' that matches your hair colour and pin it to the middle of your head (it will be slightly to one side of the hairclips which are off centre).  NB: with thick hair you may not need the 'sausage'.

Step five: Wrap the ponytail back over the sausage twisting the tail up to your crown. Pin to secure.

Step six: Tuck the ends into the top of the chignon and secure.

Step seven: Tighten with a tail comb and secure with more hairpins as required.

Step eight: Loosely pull back the top section of your hair and use the tail of the comb to take it back and tuck into the top if the roll - you want the roll to finish no higher than the tip of your head. Voila!