How to look fabulous in photographs

20:38, May 07 2014
GO EASY: While you don't want to look overdone and clownish, fresh and natural make-up will go a long way to ensuring you look camera-ready.

With the rise of Instagram it has become roughly one thousand per cent more likely that you'll get friend papped and end up on someone's feed after a good night out.

So what are the secrets to looking good on camera when you're going out with your snap happiest buddies or a wedding where you'll definitely be photographed?

We asked Max May, celebrity hair and makeup artist, to share his tips on the basics of camera-ready beauty...

Get luminous, not oily

May is a big fan of using a luminiser to highlight features.

"I would suggest adding a luminiser to the high points of the face like the ridge of the nose, across the top of the cheekbones and in the bow of the top lip. This will make these areas pop when the light hits."


Conversely May says there are some areas that look better powdered to avoid oiliness.

"Powder the end of the nose, centre of the forehead, the chin and either side of the nose to just before the apples of the cheeks. Removing shine in these areas will help define the face."

Brow know-how

Don't neglect your brows as they can help open up your eyes and bring focus to your facial structure.

"Brows are one of the most important features on the face when it comes to photography," says May.

"Filling the brows with a shadow or brow pencil - at least one shade lighter than the natural colour of your brows - and finishing by brushing the brows up with a clear mascara can give your face a lift."

Fight frizz

There aren't any particular hairstyles that photograph better than others, but May says the one thing that always looks bad is when you have a halo of frizz happening on your head.

"Using a static-free hairspray or a serum will help define and separate any texture you may be going for."

A never-fail look

If you aren't 100 per cent confident in your make-up skills May recommends this simple look as a no-fail routine that will suit almost every face.

"Concentrate on perfecting your skin and getting a radiant glow," says May.

"Define brows before curling lashes and adding mascara to open up the eye area as much as possible. Contour your complexion with a bronzer to enhance and define your face. Finish with a soft pink or apricot lip gloss to enhance the shape of your lips."

Don't forget to smile

At the end of the day a bad photograph on your Facebook feed, while annoying, isn't the end of the world.

May says simply looking happy and relaxed is one of his best tips to looking lovely in a photo. "Take a deep breath, look deep into the lens, think happy thoughts and smile with your eyes!"

- Daily Life