How to master this Korean beauty secret

03:17, Aug 15 2014
THE NO-MAKEUP MAKEUP LOOK: South Korean girl group Girls' Generation members Yoona and Jessica show off that barely-there dewy-skin beauty look.

Watch Korean dramas or tune into SBS PopAsia on any given Sunday morning and you'll know the look I'm talking about. Glowing, dewy, hyper-hydrated, perennially translucent skin has become the hallmark of Korean beauty in the past five years. (N.B. 'Dewy' is not to be mistaken for the oily, grease-slicked, Vaseline-smeared visage we've spent every year since adolescence trying to wash away.)

In South Korea, 24/7 dewy skin is as much the standard as it is an art form. They even have a term for it - 'chok chok', which essentially translates to 'plump and moist'.  Want that radiant, plump-and-moist, 'I just stepped out of the shower' glow for yourself?

You may have heard of Korea's fabled 12-step skin routine, but this trick is not as complicated or time-consuming as you might expect and so we've condensed it. To master the no-makeup makeup look, all you need is four products - a BB cream with medium coverage, a liquid serum or essence, a mineral water mist, a cream blush and a foundation brush or beauty blender.

wonder girls
BEAUTY ICONS: Girl group Wonder Girls show off the six-step, subtle makeup look on the cover of their album Nobody For Everybody.

1. After your morning skincare routine, spritz your face with your mineral water mist. Avéne Thermal Spring Water does the job. Allow a few minutes for it to soak in.

2. While you wait, mix in one part BB cream with one part serum or essence on the back of your hand using a cotton bud. Estée Lauder DayWear BB and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence work a treat. this will create a fluid-y mixture that melts and blends seamlessly into the skin

3. Get your cream-and-essence mixture and dot evenly onto your face. You can focus product on specific areas to even out your skin tone.


4. Once dotted on, blend with your foundation brush or beauty blender (we opt for Kit Cosmetic's Blender Sphere), starting at the nose and cheeks and working outwards, using gentle strokes to prevent streaks. Alternatively, press the mixture in gently using the pads of your fingers.

5. Surprisingly, bronzers and highlighters have nothing to do with the luminous look achieved by every member of Girls' Generation and Wonder Girls. Add a youthful flush by way of a cream-based blush such as Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Hibiscus. You could also use lipstick on your cheeks for the same rose-hued effect.

6. Another spritz of the water mist will finish off the look. If the moisture is causing the hairs to stick to the side of your face, use a pressed powder to set the look in those areas. We opt for Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, patting it onto the skin instead of gliding it across. 

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