When lips become cartoon characters

02:37, Aug 21 2014
Mouth art
Disney characters Goofy and Mickey Mouse are two of Jenkinson's more recent creations.
Mouth art
She absolutely nailed the signature expressions of both Pumba and Timon from The Lion King.
Mouth art
Both Nemo and Dory have also been given the face treatment - she's even managed to evoke Dory's airy-fairy persona...
Mouth art
Jolly Olaf the snowman from Frozen and one-eyed alien Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc are two of our favourites.
Mouth art
The renditions of the Tasmanian Devil and Chip from The Beauty and the Beast have to be seen to be believed.

While most of us struggle to apply bright lippy without veering into clown territory, this makeup artist takes statement lips to a whole new level.

Using her face as a canvas, London-based Laura Jenkinson has spent the last year creating renditions of popular cartoon characters and the results are incredible.

The 25-year-old expertly paints the characters around her mouth area, lending her lips and/or teeth (which look hilariously massive in comparison) to bring them to life.

ARTIST EXTRAORDINAIRE: 25-year-old London makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has a mouthful of talent.

Her paintings include everything from traditional Disney stalwarts and Lion King animals to more modern favourites such as Finding Nemo's Dory, Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc and snowman Olaf from Frozen.

Everytime we think we've picked a favourite, we stumble upon yet another amazing artistic feat (the Beauty and the Beast characters are a must-see, oh and check out the snarl on the Tasmanian Devil!)

Anyone else feeling hopelessly inadequate with a makeup brush now?

Check out more of Jenkinson's creations on her Instagram.

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