Celebs love skin-friendly raw food

23:52, Mar 18 2012

Radiant skin is up there on most women's beauty wish lists, but would you sacrifice a hot meal in the pursuit of a glowing complexion?

From Miranda Kerr to Madonna, celebs can't get enough of 'eating raw' and swear by the enzyme-rich diet, which promises to deliver gorgeously youthful skin.

According to followers of the regime, uncooked fruit and vegetables are at their best 'alive' when they're enzyme-rich and packed with anti-oxidants.

The idea is that by eating only raw food, you'll have more energy, your skin will glow and, thanks to all the vitamins you're digesting, look more youthful.

And incredibly, the diet has gained such a following that devotees are already booking tickets for this year's first ever Rawpalooza Raw Food World Summit.

So, which are the best raw foods to munch on?


Experts say that alongside fresh fruit and vegetables, raw foodies should try to eat as many protein-rich seeds and nuts as possible.

And if you're parched, forget sipping a Diet Coke, instead reach for some raw bee pollen or almond milk to quench your thirst.

Fancy forgoing your trusty cereal in favour of an enzyme-rich green morning smoothie?

Here's that you'll need to pop in the blender:

1/4 bunch of celery
1/4 head of romaine lettuce
1 cup dark curly spinach
3 curly green kale leaves
1 pear
1/4 avocado

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