Would you go mascara-less?

BARE NAKED: Mascara-free lashes on the runway at Missoni Winter 2012.
BARE NAKED: Mascara-free lashes on the runway at Missoni Winter 2012.

There's a new makeup look on the catwalks this season. It isn't. I mean, there is no makeup. Well there's some, but the item I deem the most important in my makeup kit is missing in this new trend - mascara. There's none. Nada. Gone. Lashes are bare.

I first spotted it at Missoni's spring collection, and they loved it so much it was used in the winter collection as well. The look was fresh and flawless skin, a hint of peach eyeshadow and a sweep of deep blush. And no mascara. It has since turned up in a number of fashion editorials and makeup blogs.

When I wake up in the morning my eyes look like pee-holes in the snow. I can't leave the house without a coating of mascara for fear that I'll be mistaken for an albino toad. It's my saving grace, and I will go to my grave clutching it tight to my heart.

Every great beauty bible, every celebrity makeup artist and every torn-out magazine spread I've ever read lists mascara in the top three beauty products, alongside lip balm and concealer. They are the beauty products you'd pack if you were to be deserted on an faraway island.

After years of having the importance of the M word drilled into me, I can't let it go lightly just because it's a new beauty trend. Sure, this new trend is fresh, but I'm feeling it's too fresh for me. Scrap the concealer, I'll keep the mascara; my pimples will pose naked for you all you like, but you're not seeing my eyelashes without their black dress.