Want to look like Kim? It'll cost you

01:37, Nov 27 2012
Kim Kardashian
FLAWLESS: You could look as good as Kim Kardashian too, if you had a spare three hours every day to devote to your makeup routine.

There's no such thing as a quick swipe of lippy in the car for Kim Kardashian - her beauty routine takes up to three hours every day.

The reality TV star reportedly spends NZ$10,708 a month on her regime.

As well as being costly, the 32-year-old's routine is a lengthy procedure which includes 90 minutes of makeup application to get ready for the day, with the same amount of time again for the evening.

"Kim has a professional makeup artist come to her house or hotel every day," a friend revealed to Britain's Closer magazine. "Her makeup takes up to 90 minutes every morning then the same length of time again later if she has an event.

"Kim sits in a chair for the artist to do her make-up, usually falling asleep as it takes so long! It's concealer first - this goes over nearly half her face - then the artist applies highlighting cream. Next it's foundation, powder, then more foundation," the source said.  "The eyes can take up to 20 minutes between doing eyeshadow, liner and false lashes.

"Kim is famous for her bum, but her face is her fortune too," the source added.

How long does it take you to do your makeup?


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