Why do they discontinue makeup?

16:00, Dec 11 2012
cosmetic counter
HIDE 'N SEEK: Cosmetic companies have to discontinue products to make way for new ones.

Why is it that cosmetic companies delete product lines so frequently? Over the past year I have gone to replace several items only to find they were no longer stocked.

Clinique made a lovely liquid blusher which is now a deleted line, and an Elizabeth Arden foundation in a shade perfect for my fair colouring is also no longer available. It can take a lot of time finding what really suits and it's disappointing to only ever try it once then have to replace it with something similar but not always as suitable.


Hi Kathleen,


Ah, this is the grumble of many a consumer. We'd get sick and tired of seeing the same products on our shelves year in and out, so in order to make room for the new and exciting products beauty companies often need to cull a few oldies. Sadly for many of us, these are often the goodies.

Sometimes companies also produce limited edition lines which are only available for a short period of time. M.A.C do it a lot, as do Elizabeth Arden and Lancome. These are lots of fun - particularly as they often feature collector's edition packaging - but you can never get them again. A friend of mine gets around this problem by buying her favourite products in bulk if she knows they will run out. When she finds her dream blusher she'll buy up four or five!

When buying makeup it's a good idea to ask the girls on the counter whether the product you're buying is limited edition or not. If it is you can buy a heap of them or simply choose another product.

However, as individual as big beauty companies like to think they are, they really just produce the same if not similar products to each other. If your favourite foundation runs out it might just pay to take your bottle and pop to the next door counter. Ask them to match a product that's similar, you probably won't notice the difference.

What beauty products are you on the hunt for?