Brush up on beauty tools

BRUSH UP: They might be expensive, but good makeup brushes can save you money in the long run.
BRUSH UP: They might be expensive, but good makeup brushes can save you money in the long run.

We get that the last thing anyone feels like doing after splurging on a new foundation is coughing up another 70-something dollars for a makeup brush, but investing in a few key tools can save you serious coin in the long run. Not only do brushes make the task of blending and buffing product that much easier, but they also help to cut down on product wastage. Here are the three makeup brushes you need now.

Although there's no harm in using the pads of your fingertips to apply foundation, for barely-there looking coverage, you can't go wrong with a stipple brush. The rounder, the fluffier the head, the easier it is to buff the product into the skin to avoid tidelines. The other beauty of using a brush is that it allows you to apply the product directly onto the back of your hand to keep the foundation germ-free.

TRY: MAC Cosmetics 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush, $85.

For a subtle flush, ditch the over-sized powder brush and stick with a soft, dome-shaped brush that's designed to fit the contours of the face, such as the cheeks and temples.

TRY: Bobbi Brown Powder Brush, $144.

The ultimate multi-tasker, the narrow slanted tip is perfect for filling in fine brows, plus it also moonlights as the ultimate eye liner brush. Ideal for using with crème or gel formulas, try working it along the top lash line before pressing it on the outer corners for a fool-proof flick.

TRY: Estee Lauder Eyeliner Brush For Accenting, $45.

Brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria so it's important you clean your tools at least once a fortnight. Most of the major makeup brands sell brush-specific cleansers, but all you need to do is try adding a few drops of your regular face wash to a glass of warm water and leave the brushes to soak for five minutes before air drying. 

Whether you use synthetic or natural fibres (pony or sable) is a personal matter, but it's best to stick with synthetics for liquids such as foundation and concealer and keep the natural fibres for powders.