Set your beauty regime to the stars

21:58, Dec 27 2012
GLITTER GIRLS: Take note those born under Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, you have the confidence to pull this look off.

You've heard of beauty trends changing with the seasons, but what about trying beauty products that work in harmony with your star sign?

A fun way to change up your look and get out a beauty rut is to experiment with makeup that compliments your zodiac personality.

Start by working out whether you're an earth, air, fire or water sign then start getting creative!

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn:
If you are an Earth sign you are more than likely a practical, stable and realistic person. The latest beauty fads and fancy treatments won't fool you without you seeing the proof yourself. Try channelling your inner earth-goddess by looking out for wholesome organic products and environmentally friendly packaging. To get a naturally groomed and gorgeous look start with a vitamin E enriched moisturising foundation that gives a matte effect. Follow with a light dusting of bronzing powder added to cheekbones and to the contours of your face. Finally shape and define eyebrows with a pencil in a shade as close to your natural hair colour as you can find.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius:
If you fall under the Air element then you are likely to be intelligent, expressive and unique. Air signs are keen to try new things and enjoy changing things up, so you can really go to town with trying out a new look as you'll be able to pull this off with confidence. Take inspiration from the skies by working a glitter eyeliner pencil for true sparkle across the top of the eye lids. Experiment with a top beauty trend of the season by blending the colours of a blue based eyeshadow palette into a heavenly smokey hued eye and don't forget to add a line of white kohl pencil to the inner rim to make your peepers ping.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius:
Fire signs are generally passionate, energetic and fun-loving. Being flamboyant comes easily to fire signs and they are usually the ones bold enough to follow through with ideas. Utilise your natural flair by rocking this season's hot trend for berry lips in a bright red shade that'll be perfect on your pout. Fire signs are naturally radiant, and so using a lip n' cheek tint to flush the apples of you cheeks and add a shimmer of colour to your lips will also suit you well.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces:
If you fall under this element you are likely to be an artistic person who is perhaps more sensitive than the other signs in the zodiac. You are naturally skilled at communicating without words, and this combined with your artistic side means your make-up can be a canvas for you to express yourself if you choose. You may be a romantic kind of person, in which case a classic make-up look made up of natural pinky reds on cheeks and lips, and brown shades on the eye will suit you best. You may find you like a rich, luxurious product more than the other signs thanks to being the element most in tune with its feelings. A textured manicure, or extravagant nail lacquer could be one way for you to experiment so try every fashionista's favourite beauty trend of velvet or embellished nails this season. Alternatively go with the flow and apply a slick of blue mascara to your lashes, then define your eyes with an emerald green liner pen for a marvellous mermaid look.


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