Eight pointless makeup tools

00:20, Jan 15 2013
white nail pencil
Whitening nail pencils: A pencil that you run underneath your nails to make them seem whiter seems pointless, don’t you think? If you’ve got dirty nails then maybe cleaning them is a good idea. Or wearing nail polish.
blackhead remover
Blackhead removing tool: This scary gadget promises to remove your blackheads without spreading bacteria. Ever heard of simply covering your fingers with a tissue?
Lip scrubs: You have a facial exfoliant, you probably have a body scrub, and now you’re forking out for a whole other product specifically for your lips? What’s wrong with buffing them with an old toothbrush?
rotating mascara wand
Rotating (or vibrating) mascara wand: The beauty world got excited about these a while back, claiming they ‘mimic the makeup artist’s zigzag motion as she applies mascara to the lashes’. Don’t you have hands that can do that too?
heated lash curlers
Heated eyelash curlers: Another nonsense lash product, heated eyelash curlers work on the same principle as heated curling tongs. But with heated curling tools come the need for heat protecting products. Can we honestly be bothered with all that? If curl is what you’re after then we recommend you stick with the old-fashioned eyelash curler.
sponge shadow tips
Sponge eyeshadow applicators: While it’s very kind of beauty companies to provide an applicator for their eyeshadows, we’d much prefer a proper brush. These are hopeless unless you like raccoon eyes.
cuticle sticks
Cuticle sticks: No, they’re not Pick-Up Sticks, these are designed to push your cuticles back. But why not just push them back with your thumbnail, we ask?
Makeup brushes
Fancy makeup brushes: You’ve seen the impressive collection of weapons on a makeup artist’s belt, but trust us – you don’t need all of them to look good. A maximum of four brushes is all anyone really needs – a foundation brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow and an angular brush for brows should make up your basic kit; any more and they’ll just gather dust on your dresser.

With so many beauty gadgets on the market, it's often hard to determine what's vital and what's really just a waste of money. They all herald themselves the 'Next Best Thing' and have canny advertising to convince us to buy them, but here are eight tools you can easily do without.

What makeup tools gather dust in your bathroom and what do you use most?