How to put your best feet forward

BEST FOOT FORWARD: A little TLC will give your feet a treat.
BEST FOOT FORWARD: A little TLC will give your feet a treat.

If we as much time into our feet as we do our faces then we'd all have toes worthy of a foot modelling contract or two. Sadly though this is never the case, and your poor feet are probably much neglected. Put 20 minutes aside this weekend to give them some love, and trust me, they'll love you back.

FILE: Take a foot file to your heels to work off any rough areas. Try The Body Shop File a Foot, $9.25 from The Body Shop.

SCRUB: Run a shallow warm bath and soak your feet to soften them, and then apply a foot scrub to work off any dry skin. Most body brands have a foot scrub in their range, or you can make your own at home for free. Simply mix half a cup of coarse sea salt or raw sugar with a few tablespoons of olive oil and apply to the feet. Rinse off afterwards.

MASSAGE: Our feet are one of our hardest working body parts, especially if you have a job where you're standing all day. Ease aches and pains with a relaxing massage - if you can't convince someone else to go there, simply give yourself one as you watch television. Try Trilogy Everything Balm, $24.90. No time for massages? Stick a tennis or golf ball on the floor and roll your bare foot over it. It's instant bliss.

HEAL THE HEELS: Cracked heels are common in over-dry feet. Use a heel balm designed for cracked skin; the intense hydrating properties will fix them up in a matter of days. Try Dermal Therapy Heel Balm, $14.99 from pharmacies.

BUFF: Ridges and uneven areas on your nails can make your nail polish look unsightly. Smooth your nails before polish application with a four way buffer. File the ridges down, and then buff them until they're smooth and gleaming. Try Manicare 4-way Buffer, $8.50 from pharmacies.