The latest facelift - in a bottle

MIRACLE OR OVERBLOWN?: This tiny tub of serum claims to reduce saggy skin by 78 per cent.
MIRACLE OR OVERBLOWN?: This tiny tub of serum claims to reduce saggy skin by 78 per cent.

An organic cream made in the US claims it can reduce the sagginess of our skin by 78 per cent, and all after just 28 days. 

How? The NZ$45 Adonia StemuTone organic serum ( is said to work from plant stem-cell technology. A new buzz word in the beauty industry, products with 'plant stem cells' claim to be able to actively repair and replace damaged cells in our skin. The serum also contains pomegranate, cherry, geranium, ginger, carrot seed oil, peppermint and more natural ingredients. 

It's so popular in LA, in fact, that it's been chosen as one of the official gifts for the Oscars this year. And all this hype meant that 10,000 tubes of the stuff sold out within 48 hours of going online, according to the Daily Mail.

While all products claim to be the next best thing, independent tests of Adonia StemuTone on women aged between 47 to 59 found that there was a reduction in saggy skin of 78 per cent after 28 days. However, how many women were involved in the independent study, and who the clinicians were, has yet to be released. 

One happy customer reviewed the product on, saying, "This is the first product that I am completely satisfied with doing what it is supposed to do. Not only did the creases and lines along my face go away, but my skin actually feels soft and young again. It does not appear to have much or any effect on the scars on my face but I am curious if over more time it can reduce them also".

Meanwhile, another reviewer noted that they'd seen "no change in their skin... after three weeks". 

Have you tried it? Let us know if it's really the miracle cream studies claim it is, or if it's just like any other...