How to shine like a star

21:44, Feb 13 2013
shiny makeup
SHINE ON: Shimmering makeup is set to star this season.

‘Sparkles are in," I say, and you inevitably gag. I don't blame you, sparkles and shine have had a bad rap thanks to their liberal use in kiddie ‘makeup' collections and tween music videos; but believe me, this look can be done well. This is a trend not just for the young ones; sparkle and shine in certain forms are suitable for everybody, at every age.


The most straightforward (and tween) way to wear shiny stuff on your eyes is to pile your five most diamante glitters from lash line to brow bone. But Amber D of M.A.C recommends a softer approach - particularly if you're old enough to drive.

"In previous seasons we've seen multiple colours worn on the eye," says Amber. "This look is one simple high shine metallic that you simply just wash on with your finger." Sound too easy? It is. While you can ham it up with hardcore metallics in dark tones for evening, a soft shine is lovely worn during the day. Just smear a light shade across your eyelids and use a blending brush to soften the edges. The effect should be a sheer wash of shine, not a disco diva eye.

TRY: Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow, $54; YSL Y Facettes Palette (for lovers of pastel shades), $114; and M.A.C Year of the Snake eyeshadow in Once Upon a Time, $50.



As we age, most of us begin to reach for dry powders and matte foundations. But ask any makeup artist and they'll tell you that the most anti-ageing makeup look is dewy and fresh.

"Generally as you get older your skin dries out and the oil reduces," says Natalie Plurien, makeup artist at Bobbi Brown. "Dewy foundations will hydrate the skin and give it a fresh and healthy glow." Add a hydration boost prior to your makeup application with a deep hydrating serum or moisturiser.

TRY: M.A.C Prep + Primer Moisture Infusion Serum, $99, or Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream, $12.99.

Make your skin look healthy and sculpted with a touch of magic highlights. It's a pro makeup trick but it's not as scary as it sounds. Simply sweep a highlighting cream across the areas where the light naturally hits your face - along the top of the cheekbones, on the brow bone, down the nose, and a bit on your cupid's bow. Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand, $54, is the ultimate dream tool for this, but I warn you - once you try it you'll be addicted. Also great is Inika Light Reflection Highlighting Creme, $35.99.

If you struggle with oily skin then this dewy look will only give you a cesspool of grease on your face. You can still get the same effect using illuminating and highlighting powders instead. Try Inika Mineral Illuminsor, $34; or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, $99.

TOP TIP: There's a big difference between dewy skin and just looking sweaty, and it's all in the placement of the shine. Matte down any grease or shine through the middle of the forehead, under the eyes and the chin with a mattifying powder - I love M.A.C Prep and Prime Translucent Finishing Powder, $54 or pop a primer underneath your makeup. Try Natio Pure Mineral Face Primer, $21.50.


When talking of shine I don't mean frosted lip glosses. Shine for this season comes through a natural dewy glow instead. Look for lip products with a hint of shimmer without the frost. I'm using The Body Shop Hi Shine Lip treatment, $24.75, but also lovely is YSL Volupte Sheer Candy, $65.


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