In my beauty bag: Amanda Betts

22:12, Feb 13 2013
Amanda Betts
Amanda Betts, owner of Red Eleven model agency.
Amanda Betts
Some of Amanda Betts' favourite things: "The red bottle is my Comme des Garcons perfume, and that tiny red tube is decolletage cream by Clarins. You can't forget about that area!"
Amanda Betts
Amanda Betts on makeup: "I use that mid brown eyeshadow in the YSL palette on all my models - it makes you look amazing without it looking like you're wearing makeup."

Amanda Betts is a mother, dog lover and co-owner of modelling agency Red Eleven. She shares her beauty secrets. 

"Having come from a modelling background [Amanda is an ex-model] I used to absolutely love beauty products. But as I've got older - I'm 44 now - it's become more and more simple every year. I really rely on recommendations when it comes to products because I no longer have the time, the energy or the inclination to try every single product. Once I've found great products I have a tendency to stick with them for a really long time. At the moment I'm on the hunt for the perfect cream blush.

My makeup approach is actually really simple - I hate it. I actually hate makeup. I know it sounds terrible but I hate the feeling of having it on, so I walk out the door with just the basics on and don't do much more for evening. I admire other people that wear makeup, but I myself am not a fan of it.

Skincare however has become way more important to me than it used to. The most difficult thing for me has actually been finding the time, and not putting my skincare routine on the backburner. It's now as important as having my breakfast and dropping my son to school, and it has only been in the last twelve months that I realised I had it so wrong, putting such a small and low priority on my skincare.

Osmosis has been the most amazing range for me, Hannah at Lucy and the Powder Room put me onto it. I hate to sound like an advertisement but it honestly changed my whole skin. It also changed how I feel about my skin. It's bloody expensive and it's quite rigmarole - you're wearing multiple serums at once - but I feel my skin actually drinking it in. 

I really really really detest any kind of foundation, so instead I wear Murad's Skin Perfecting Primer. It's lightly tinted and gives my skin that dewy but shiny look that I'm always trying to achieve. I die over YSL Touche Éclat. I've been using it for years, and while I'm OK with my wrinkles - they're part of my character and how I got here - I have problems with my dark circles. This stuff gets rid of it. 


If I'm going out I'll dust a bit of Jane Iredale translucent mineral powder, and it just stops any shine. I feel like a clown when I wear lipstick, so I just use Becca's lipstick in a dark berry as a lip stain, and then Burt's Bees the tinted one - I love that stuff. On the very rare occasion I have to wear heavy makeup for something I wear Becca foundation - it's the lightest they have but it still feels heavy to me.

My son was born with 1.5cm long eyelashes; I didn't get that privilege - until now. He was born with it, and I bought it! I had tried everything, eyelash extensions and heaps of different lash growth serums which were no good, until I tried Li Lash and Li Brow. I was completely inspired by one of our models Rosie Herdman who has the best brows, so I thought I'd grow my eyebrows back. They were really sparse in areas from years of over plucking, and it took nine months of applying Li Brow to get them growing again but now the shape has started to come back.
My eyelashes took ages to grow too, but Hannah told me that as you get older your hair doesn't respond as well and to be patient. After four months (when I was about to give up) I literally felt like I woke up one morning with cow lashes, they were so long! I've heard some horror stories about eyelash serums, but I've got none, this stuff is great. 

Caring for my body is really important to me. I lost 16 kilos in the past 12 months and it made me realise that giving yourself time is really important. When you've got a household to run, your kids to run, your dogs to run and a business, you often don't have time; but having lost that weight makes me really want to look after my body and I'm in awe of what it can do. 

This MOR product is half empty - it's actually my second tub in two months! - It's Neroli Clementine Salt and Sugar Body Scrub. I have an old Tan Away exfoliant glove that I use to apply the scrub, and I slough off my dead skin cells every day without fail. Not only are you getting rid of those dead cells you're massaging the skin and stimulating your circulation. In the summer time I put the water on cold just before I finish my shower and it makes my skin tighten right up. 

I have this amazing product that I love to use when I'm going out. It's Victoria's Secret Rockin' Body, a gift from overseas. It's a perfecting body cream that gives your legs a bit of colour and a really good shine. It says "Look 5x Sexier" on the tube but it's true, because it feels totally indulgent putting it on and smells so good. It's for treats!

Whenever I go to The Warehouse I stock up on Garnier Cocoa Body Intensive Lotion. I swear by it, I've always got two or three bottles at a time. It's really intensive and it's absolutely fantastic.

I carry this funny old product called Skin Calm around with me everywhere I go. My grandma used to use it - every time anyone had a cut or rash she'd go into her skody little box of bits and pieces and haul it out. Now if anyone in my house has any little heat rashes, rashes from jewellery, mosquito bites, whatever, I'll be whipping it out of my bag and thrusting it on you just like Grandma!"

- As told to Bronwyn Williams