How to apply eye makeup like a pro

16:00, Mar 24 2013
GET THE BLUES: Blue eyeliner suits everyone according to our expert. Here, a model gets made up for this week's Melbourne Fashion Festival.

I've been trying to do what Rae Morris and every other makeup artist of repute does and it's as difficult as using the mouse with your left hand.

I have been aiming to do my eye makeup first - before base and before lipstick and anything else and, when I do break the habit of a lifetime, it just feels wrong.

''Eyes are the hardest to do and take the longest yet women leave them till the end,'' says Morris, the makeup director of L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, which is on this week.

''Do them first and then it doesn't matter if you make a mess, if you get eye shadow on your cheek or if you have to start again.''

Eyes - rather than lips or cheeks - have been the focus of every runway look this season. They've mostly been burgundies and greens but they haven't been over the top.

''There's enough colour to keep the fashion crowd happy but they're wearable,'' says Morris who designed the makeup, with a special-edition L'Oreal palette, for every show.

''What I love is that women can go home and do it themselves. Any age can wear it - not just 16-year-olds.''

Morris has provided her top eye makeup hints for us here:

Do you do your eyes first? What order do you do your makeup in each morning?

What is the most important bit to get right (or to even get on, depending on how time-stressed you are on a particular day)? What makeup tips have you got that we might find useful?