Dry skin be gone!

21:45, Aug 29 2013
GO BANANAS: While we don't recommend stepping into a zero-gravity environment with a bunch of bananas, do try applying some of the vitamin-rich fruit to dry skin.

From cracked heels to flaky elbows, dry skin can be a real pain.

But thankfully there are some nifty DIY methods for zapping troublesome zones, which means a silky smooth body is well within reach.

Here are some dry skin busters to try at home:


Lots of people recommend using fruits such as banana, avocado and coconut on a daily basis to treat and prevent cracked heels. Both fruits are rich in several essential oils and fat-soluble vitamins.

Simply apply the pulp of a ripe banana on the dry or cracked area of the heel. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse it clean. You can also add half an avocado or the flesh of half a coconut to a blender along with the banana to form a thick and creamy paste. This paste should help to provide your skin with the vitamins and oils it requires to stay soft and well moisturised. 



Some devotees recommend using lemon juice as a home remedy to treat dry skin. Mix baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice to make a thick paste, then exfoliate your dry skin area with the paste for several minutes to remove dead skin cells. Rinse with water, then pat the area dry and moisturise them with a thick moisturiser.


Exfoliating is one of the best ways to blitz dry skin zones. If you want to avoid harsh cosmetic exfoliating scrubs you can easily rustle up your own gentle and natural scrub with honey, apple cider vinegar, and rice flour.

Simply mix some rice flour with a few spoons of raw honey to the mixture along with enough apple cider vinegar to create a thick paste. Soak your dry skin for 20 minutes and then gently massage with the paste. The vinegar should help to dissolve the thickened layers of dead skin while the rice flour will gently abrade the top layer of dead skin. Honey and olive oil act as natural moisturisers and will help to keep the skin feeling soft and moisturised.

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