Cam Diaz without makeup

00:55, Dec 13 2013
DAZZLING DIAZ: Cameron Diaz, 41, looks beautiful without makeup.

In a rare move in the strange savannah that is celebuland, the gorgeous Cameron Diaz, 41, has shared a photo of herself makeup free AND one that hasn't been heavily-filtered or taken from some cryptically-flattering angle.

Diaz, who just recently joined Twitter and Instagram (and has done so with aplomb, a highlight being her live tweeting session of Sound Of Music) took the photo yesterday because she had just received the first bound copy of her new book The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, The Science of Strength and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body.

The actress - who's currently filming a movie version of Annie in which she plays Miss Hanningan - has been working on the book for about 18 months. It's said to be focussed on satiating hunger with nutritious foods and to encourage people to focus on health not thinness. 

Diaz used to suffer from acne, but her skin seems to have completely cleared up as of late. 

Do you think Cam's completely makeup free here? Our guess is she's got a lick of mascara, but nought else.