'Red lipstick is a turn off'

21:59, Dec 16 2013
WITH AND WITHOUT: Lea Seydoux rocks a nude lip to the left; and a bold red hue to the right. She says men prefer the natural look.

Going against almost everyone's opinion on a sultry berry lip, Lea Seydoux says that red lipstick puts men off. 

The French model has learnt from experience that rouge lips are a turn off for most men.

She even uses this piece of information to her advantage if she's on a particularly bad date. 

"Trust me, they hate it. If I'm on a date and don't want to kiss the guy, I'll wear bright red lipstick. I'll often choose a matte texture so it lasts the whole night," she laughed to the British Marie Claire magazine. 

The 28-year-old was open and honest when it came to her views on cosmetic surgery, explaining she has a never say never attitude when it comes to going under the knife. 

The successful model also works as an actress, and needs to make sure her face registers all expressions. 

Reflecting on her childhood, Léa says it's important to remember that trends change and your own style can evolve with passing fads. 

"You have to be incredibly careful with it. It's crucial to keep your expression, because that's what essentially gives you your personality. You learn to love your flaws with age. I was geeky as a child, but it became cool, so I realised I also needed cool clothes. 

"I saved up and, as soon as I had a trendy T-shirt, I became a little popular. I despised my nose, which I thought looked like a trumpet. Actually, I still think that, but I also believed that it's now a part of my individuality," she explained.


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