Meet 2014's BB cream

23:24, Jan 07 2014
BLURRED LINES: It was behind the song of 2013, and now blur is the beauty trend of 2014.

In case you missed it, blur is the new BB. Or CC. Or DD. Word on the street is EE is coming - it'll be for exfoliating - but that's another story for another time. Blur, however, is about to explode. You might have read about Nanoblur, the "optical diffusing cream" that hit shelves early last year. The first of its kind, Nanoblur and other blurring creams about to be released into the market will act as a new step in your daily makeup routine. Depending on the brand, you can use blurring cream before foundation, or after liquid foundation as a finishing step before setting powder.

Why Should I? You ask. Well, we think you might be a little dumbfounded by the results. Using a blurring cream is like a having a soft focus shield on your face. It will erase fine lines and some wrinkles, and even out your skin tone. Some will address and hide shine as well. 

Sounds Like a BB Or CC Cream: You're not wrong in thinking that (we did, too), but it's very different. It is almost white in colour and feels more like a primer than the liquid consistency of an alphabet cream. Think of it as a filling cream that smooths the base.

Now it Sounds Like a Primer. . . No. But it is kind of in that family. . . The jury is still out on whether we'll be able to use it instead of a primer (some say it is a primer, but much more), but like any product, you're best to use it according to its message. Primer is still a vital step in your beauty routine, and the crazy thing about blur cream, is you'll also be able to use one on top of your foundation as a finishing step, or as a touch-up product during the day. That amazing soft focus look will need some maintenance. And because blur cream is slightly thicker than a normal liquid product, it has to potential to move on your face. But be warned - use too much and you'll move your foundation.

Who Will Release One? While we expect many, many blurring creams to hit shelves this year, two new ones we definitely know about are from Garnier and L'Oréal Paris. Garnier Skin Naturals Perfect Blur (available in February) has been developed through the brand's strong investment into advanced light reflecting technology, while L'Oréal Paris Magic Blur (available in March) has powerful anti-ageing properties thanks to Revitalift.