Splurge or steal? CC Creams

02:26, Mar 31 2014
COLOUR CREAMS: Splurge: MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF30, $54 or steal: Nivea Q10 Anti Wrinkle CC SPF15, $19.99.

The latest skin perfecting product, the CC cream, is taking over. So should you fork out or stick to a budget?

In the costly corner, we have MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF30, $54.

This is part of a whole new Prep + Prime line up that includes powders and creams, all based on the concept of colour-correcting your skin - with or without foundation.

Like the other products in the new range, this comes in four shades (peach, yellow, lavender and apricot). Each is designed to counterbalance a skin tone issue - lavender to neutralise sallowness, for example.

Find the right shade for you, and you may barely even need foundation (perhaps just a dash of concealer).

This specialised product boasts a higher SPF of 30 but also a much steeper price tag.


If we calculate the cost per ml, it's $1.80 compared to Nivea's 39 cents.

That said, for those who are into creating a flawless, radiant complexion (with a sneaky 'no makeup' effect), this is a great product.

However, it's hard to beat the value for money of our new little Nivea number, Q10 Anti Wrinkle CC SPF15, $19.99.

Although it does have a lower SPF, it also contains wrinkle-reducing Q10 and a moisturiser - so it's ideal for anyone wanting to streamline their routine.

On the con side, this only comes in one shade, so it's really a colour-corrector in name only and closer to a tinted BB cream.

The finish is nicely radiant and would provide enough coverage for everyone except pure foundation addicts.

Bang for buck, the day before payday, we're going to have to declare Nivea the victor.