In my beauty bag: Anjali Stewart

21:40, Apr 30 2014
GOING PLACES: Anjali Stewart is co-designer of twenty-seven names, a label that kicked off when Anjali and her business partner Rachel left university back in 2006.

As co-founder of Wellington-based fashion label twenty-seven names it comes as no surprise that Anjali Stewart has strong ideas about fashion, but it's refreshing to learn just how opinionated the 30-year-old is about beauty.

We caught Anjali while she was in Auckland to open twenty-seven names' new Ponsonby Road store, and quizzed her on all things beauty...

"I wear makeup if I feel like I need to, for events or if I'm in the store. I definitely don't wear it every day.

HER ESSENTIALS: Anjali is all about simple, fuss-free beauty and favours brands such as Kiehl's, MAC and Chanel.

I think what's really cool at the moment is that the makeup trends are more in line with natural beauty. We're starting to see people's pores again! 

BB cream, mineralised powder, really light makeup - that whole step back from bronzer and caking your whole face in foundation. 

I really hate bronzer.  And if I could wave a magic wand I would make the line between women's faces and their necks not be a 'thing' anymore. I don't know how you could wear that much makeup that it would leave a line!


My mum is Indian. She is Maharashtrian - the fancy Indians. She's the kind of woman that when I was a kid I remember her putting on a full face of makeup before she left the house - she's very regimented about that. 

Her regal-ness has influenced me to try and be a little bit more 'couth' than comes naturally to me.

In the morning I wash my face with one of two Kiehl's face washes - the Rare Earth one which is a scrub - I use that after exercising when my face is all gross and sweaty - and their Ultra Facial cleanser.  Then I use an SPF15 moisturiser (if I'm not expecting to go to the beach). 

If I was going to work I'd put on a tiny bit of Kiehl's BB cream and a little bit of M.A.C Mineralise powder.

Then mascara - I love Chanel mascara, their 'Inimitable' mascara. The wand is so light. I also use M.A.C. Brow Set 100 times a day.

If I was going to an event I might add a tiny bit of Bobbi Brown eyeliner. I don't have the kind of skin tone where I can buy makeup over the counter that matches my skin tone, so if I wear foundation it feels too obvious.

I hate lipstick. If someone is wearing lipstick I look at their mouth the whole time, it's distracting.

Kiehl's opened a store in Wellington, got in touch with us and we are now one of their ambassadors. 

It's an opportunity - I wouldn't have usually gotten to try products like that because I would just use the cheapest thing I could find at the supermarket. 

I've found my skin is reacting really well, but I'm a no-frills person - I really just use a face wash and a moisturiser and I don't make time in my routine for much else.

I don't wash my hair that regularly but when I do I blowdry it, straighten it a bit (it's a bit frizzy) straighten my fringe and then that's it, it all has to happen very quickly. 

I use Kiehl's shampoo and conditioner and when I had blonde hair earlier in the year I used O&M.

I went blonde at Christmas because I love Beyonce and I loved her new haircut so I thought 'I'll have to give it a shot.'

My friend Bex who works at Willlis York (she won the Colour Trophy) - Bex did it.  I wouldn't do it again. 

People wanted to talk about my hair and I was not expecting that. But the O&M kept it from getting brassy. I don't use product in my hair, I hate it because it makes my hair feel greasy.

I had my first manicure a little while ago for the new store opening.  It was a weird experience, I didn't realise they'd do so much work which wasn't just cutting the nails.

I really love big eyebrows - like (model) Bambi's eyebrows are amazing.  People who don't go too crazy with their natural shape.  But my eyebrows grow, they are unruly and I can't keep them in check...every six weeks I get them groomed.

I've never had braces. I feel like my teeth aren't retaining their whiteness with age but maybe I need to stop drinking so much coffee.

I wear Marc Jacobs 'Dot' but perfume isn't a big thing for me.

Our models have a similar look to us - really basic, simple, clean makeup. They are all between about 20 and 24, it's not like their skin needs that extra. I don't really like that trend of airbrushing and putting on more makeup for lookbooks because it's not attainable to the end customer.

I think you have to be quite careful about makeup as a whole. Having read books like The Beauty Myth - you have to be careful not to rely on a full face of makeup to bring your personality out. 

If you're not dressed properly or your makeup's not right, it shouldn't affect your personality."

- As told to Julie Roulston