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2014's biggest hair and make-up moments

STRIKING: Rihanna's green-lipped look at the iHeartRadio awards was pretty memorable.

It has been a big year for experimentation in the hair and make-up department for celebrities.

6 most Googled beauty questions in 2014

Looking good: We're still seeking answers to our biggest beauty dilemmas online.

When life gives you a beauty question, just ask Google.

Try these beauty pick-me-ups

TOUCH UP: Highlight, add glitter or conceal.

Party season making you feel exhausted? Here are five easy ways to look perky even if you're feeling pooped.

Pimples? Don't panic

NOT LIKE THIS: Pimples are inevitable and require a considered approach.

When it comes to pimples, a little violence is sometimes called for.

Kate's hair is William's 'nightmare'

The Duchess's long and thick hair could be the reason she has a private hairstylist on call.

Princely payback for his beloved's hairpiece quip.

How do women survive the day?

PRESSURE: The pressures are always there telling women they're not good enough without some assistance.

OPINION: As a guy I find women deliciously mysterious. But it's clear from all the ads that I'm in the growing minority.

In my beauty bag: Leonie Barlow

LEONIE BARLOW: "I think the key to good skin is changing your products as your skin changes."

Take a peek at the products on the The Style Insider's current love list.

9 beards that blow our minds gallery


Meet Incredibeard. He's taking facial hair to a whole new level of artistry.

10 Xmas gifts for beauty junkies gallery


From pamper time to primping tools, these are our 10 favourite beauty buys of 2014.

And Miss World 2014 is... video


A 22-year-old has been crowned Miss World 2014 in front of an estimated billion viewers.

Study burns sunscreens


Slipping, slopping and slapping might not prevent sunburn and ageing after all.

Time to worry about sun protection


Those minutes of daily incidental sun exposure really do add up - it's time to slap on the sunscreen.

Should we pursue naked beauty?

VALUED FOR LOOKS: Australian journalist Tracey Spicer says society needs to change.

Could you ditch the spray tan and dye jobs; in short, wean yourself off 'extreme grooming'?

In my beauty bag: Natalie Back

TOP TIPS FOR GREAT SKIN: Don't smoke, get plenty of sleep and cleanse your skin every night, says Natalie Back.

She's surrounded by beauty products. Which ones can she not live without?

Katie Price remodels breasts

ASSET TURNOVER: Katie Price before her latest boob job.

Six boob jobs later, former topless model Katie Price has gone under the knife for a seventh time.

2014: Year of the bum

JLo and Iggy Azalea show off their ass-ets.

Andrew Hornery looks back on the year in which derrieres assumed centre stage.

Make your makeup multi-task

DOUBLE ACT: Coconut cream can double as a hair conditioner.

Beauty emergency? Cash crisis? Here's how to get more out of your beauty products.

Frozen makeup is actually a thing

BEAUTY QUEENS: Been dying to get Elsa's pink eyeshadow? Well now you can, as Disney yet again capitalise on Frozen's success with a new makeup range.

Sorry already frazzled parents, now you might have to travel to Florida to pick up a glittery nail polish.

Taylor Swift gives lip service

Taylor Swift

Surprisingly for someone who appeals so much to girls barely out of their teens, Taylor Swift does polished remarkably well.

100 years of beauty in just 1 minute video

100 years of beauty looks

From '40s victory rolls to '60s beehives and '80s, well, disasters.

In my beauty bag: Brianne West

MULTI-PURPOSE PRODUCT: Brianne West swears by using coconut oil as an all-over body moisturiser and makeup remover.

She's the science whiz behind Sorbet's solid beauty bars. So what products make the grade for this natural-beauty buff?

Ageing Botox, breasts & tattoos

THEY LOOK GOOD NOW ... But how are those coloured tatts going to fare as you age?

''Very old women with big perky fake breasts is one of the weirdest sights you will ever see.''

5 beauty terms explained

SECRET INGREDIENTS: Learning a bit of beauty jargon can make it easier to work out what skincare products you really need.

Ever wondered what those beauty terms on the back of your moisturiser really mean? We explain five common ones.

Dye your pits bright blue?

SHE PIT-THEM-TO-THE-POST: Gaga's been doing it since 2011.

Why not shave one armpit, grow the other one out, plait it and dye it cotton-candy pink?

Minister for beauty pageants

Women’s Minister Louise Upston.

She might be the new minister for women but don't call Louise Upston a feminist.

'They've all had facelifts'

JULIE WALTERS TODAY: 'I don't mind my face looking older. That's just the way it is.'

An iconic actress addresses Hollywood's obsession with female 'perfection'.

Beauty: new and hot gallery


A wrap of what's new and fabulous in the beauty world. 

Getting your wing on

WING IT:  If you have cat-shaped eyes, flaunt them.

If you have cat-shaped eyes, flaunt them. Here’s how.

Why no short-haired princesses?

HAIR WITH FLAIR: Merida, the warrior princess in Brave, has locks as fiery as her personality.

How much of our daughters’ definition of beauty is based on our own culturally cultivated perceptions?

Do what you want with makeup

COMPLICATED: It's true that women face a lot of pressure to look a certain way, but that doesn't mean makeup is always a negative force.

OPINION: Women aren't vain for wanting to look a certain way in a world that punishes us for failing to.

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