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Matt Damon has a manbun now

If you're wondering where Matt Damon has been amid best pal Ben Affleck's break-up, it looks like he was otherwise occupied growing this glorious mane.

Drop everything you're doing and check out these pictures of the Oscar winner's Thor-ified makeover.

Why fat girls shouldn't wear bikinis

Loey Lane - our new hero - shuts down all the tired old reasons commenters use to say 'fat girls shouldn't wear bikinis'.

A beautiful vlogger shuts down the familiar tropes used to tell larger ladies they shouldn't show off their bodies.

What's in ZM Megan's beauty bag?

She applies her makeup at 4am, and so knows how to make it last... but what's Megan's biggest beauty regret?

She applies her makeup at 4am, and so knows how to make it last... but what's her biggest beauty regret?

Five quick fixes for dirty hair

Blake Lively knows the power of a good undone braid.

Fancied an extra snooze? These easy updos are perfect on second and third-day locks.

It's a thing: Merman dye job gallery

The regrowth on this one would be maddening (we imagine 'beard roots' are next-level hard to maintain).

We thought we'd reached peak beard, but then they went and reinvented it.

New app the Uber of beauty

Flossie Concierge founder and chief executive Jenene Crossan has launched her beauty app in Wellington.

Flossie Concierge allows you to request, book and pay for beauty appointments with their smartphone.

Men, why not try wearing makeup?

You might not want to go to Johnny Depp/jack Sparrow levels of guyliner, but why wouldn't you want to cover up a spot or dark circle?

We're not talking Kardashian levels of contouring, but these 'invisible' products can help on pesky bad skin days.

What's a male version of boob jobs?

Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan, has been the subject of boob job rumours.

Men can exercise, fix their hair, get their ears pinned - but they're not under the same pressure to please.

Guys try to put on fake lashes video

Guys try fake eyelashes

What do you get when you have men + lashes + lots of glue? Very mixed results . . .

Loving Emilia’s glossy red lips?

Emilia Clarke rocks a classic red lip with a modern voluminous bob.

Us too - as well as that full bob. Here's how to steal some of her Hollywood magic for your next night out.

In pics: The power of makeup gallery

Camila Morales shared this photo, captioning it with a message about makeup: "It is about being comfortable in your own skin, not being ashamed of showing your true self and also to just have fun with makeup whether it's applying a lot of a little... Do not worry about what others say!"

Wearing makeup isn't all about hiding oneself, as this going-viral hashtag proves.

In my beauty bag: Melanie Comins

Prevention is so much easier than cure when it comes to your skin, says Melanie Comins.

This facialist and beauty educator knows how to treat her skin right. So what products does she rely on?

Model happily bares her cellulite video

Swimsuits for All campaign

Inspiring swimsuit campaign encourages women to stop apologising for their bodies.

Cut 10 years off in 10 minutes

THE BAD: I fear that we're going to be seeing a lot more of this droopy-necklines-with-material-ears-sticking-out-over-arms design in 2015. Julianne Moore is a goddess, but this Delpozo dress looks more Elle Fanning (who would probably pair it with fawn cowboy boots) at an event populated by Nickolodeon stars than it does 'one-of-the-greatest-actresses-of-our-time-at-the-Palm-Springs-film-festival'. This dress has been described by other critics as wonderfully 'architectural' - well, if one would consider a paper bag a work of architecture ...

Award-winning hairdresser Andrew Barton shares his anti-ageing tips for your barnet.

What's really in your face cream

There's plenty of products on the market to choose from - but what's in them?

A little scepticism is a good thing ... here's what to look out for on the labels.

Want to look naturally glowing?

Comedienne Amy Schumer knows what a joke contouring is.

Then forget the two-toned nightmare of contouring and start strobing with this easy guide.

Tyra shows off her barefaced beauty

America's Next Top Model host and judge Tyra Banks shares a makeup-free selfie with the world.

Supermodel posts makeup-free and unretouched selfie to show the world "the real me".

Love Uzo's sea-green shadow?

Uzo Aduba’s metallic seaform eyeshadow looks great on darker skins.

Here's how to copy the Orange is the New Black actress' metallic look at home.

6 OITNB beauty hacks video

Lorna Morello - inmate, beauty icon.

You may be in a dun-coloured jumpsuit, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy on-fleek brows and a flush of blush.

Get the look: Rita West gallery

Lashes, liner and a nude lip. Antonia Prebble as Westside's Rita West is our beauty inspo' right now.

Big lashes, tall hair and sharp winged liner. It's a 1970s bogan dream.

Will hairy pits ever be OK?

Julia Roberts starred in possibly the most famous hairy armpit moment of all time in 1999.

I hope that by the time my daughters begin puberty, plucking their underarm hair won't seem necessary.

Would you consider eyebrow extensions?

Cara Delevingne always brings a strong brow game.

Lost your brows? There's a way to fix them.

The latest weird 'thinspiration' test


Why the internet is awash with people trying desperately to grab hold of their belly button.

Star defends makeup-free Shannon


When trolls mocked a barefaced Shaaanxo, a Disney actress called them out in the best way possible.

Beachy waves + red lip = perfection

Emily Blunt proves that relaxed waves and polished lips and liner can make a perfect pairing.

Love the way Ms Blunt has combined the casual and the dramatic? Here's how to pull it off yourself.

The difference makeup can make

Dutch blogger Nikkie shows the difference cosmetics  can make with her half-and-half makeover.

We're sure glad of the power of slap some mornings, but this is next level stuff.

In my beauty bag: Nikki Ralston

Yoga teacher Nikki Ralston does her best to steer clear of nasty chemicals.

What does this wellness guru rely on to keep her looking even more radiant?

Mum gave her 7-year-old surgery vouchers

Sarah Burge brings 10-year-old daughter Poppy, left, into her consultation with plastic surgeons on Botched.

"Human Barbie" refused more procedures by TV doctors after taking her young daughter into consultation.

Beel a cut above the rest

Michael Beel's winning collection was inspired by the Orient and 1930s hair styles.

Wellington's Michael Beel named NZ's top hairdresser, at the industry's equivalent of the Oscars.

The new body part to embrace

Khloe Kardashian showing off the fabulous bit of flesh that pokes out like a cushion when seated - aka, the side bum (formerly known as the saddlebag).

Yours might be small or big, soft or firm: but take solace in the knowledge that it is so hot right now.

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