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Model climbs into Daily Mail gallery

SPEAKING OUT: Australian WAG, model and TV personality Rebecca Judd blames the media for causing body image disorders.

Australian WAG Rebecca Judd publishes letter lambasting media for criticising her lean frame.

A soap star's beauty secrets

HEALTHY HABITS: Kerry-Lee swears by drinking plenty of water, eating clean and staying active.

She's the blonde, bronzed resident glam queen on Shorty Street: here’s how she looks so gorgeous.

Dangers in your manicure

PAINT WITH CAUTION: Manicured nails instantly add polish to one's look ... just proceed with care when buffing, filing, painting and removing.

Your mani-pedi pamper time might be damaging your nails more than beautifying them.

Berry's boob-boosting tip

HOW BERRY GOT HER BUST UP: Turns out Halle Berry is a form of non-nude (all in the name of vanity).

The 48-year-old actress spills her trick to avoiding breasts that 'hit one's knees by 30'. Yes, really.

No facelift a 'big risk'

BIG RISK: Julia Roberts says she's taken a  "taken a big risk" not having a facelift in her 40s.

Julia Roberts says she's "taken a big risk" with her career by not having a facelift in her 40s.

Are 'cattoos' the next big thing?

CAT POWER: One of Betty Rose's famous cattoos, posted on her Instagram account

Cat tattoos have become so popular in New York, they've been given their own name: "cattoos".

Getting fancy fingers

GLAM: You can get away with fancy fingers without spending the amount Gwen Stefani reportedly does on manicures.

Nails are news. We figure out how to twinkle, twinkle like a (big) star this summer.

Sunday loves: new in beauty

TRY THIS: We take a look at beauty products you may like to try.

Mascara, night cream and micro-glitter nail polish: We take a look at what's new in beauty.

Learning makeup's concealed arts

SPOTLESS: Jessica Hart has perfected the art of concealment.

We share a few concealer commandments.

7 celebs whose faces have changed gallery


In light of Renee Zellweger face-gate, here are other stars whose looks have done a 180.

A nail queen's beauty secrets

MANICURE MASTER: Amber McIvor believes it's more important to focus on skincare rather than makeup as we age.

Amber McIvor is a manicure expert, but also dabbles in hair and makeup. So which products does she rely on?

Renee Zellweger's face has changed video

CHANGING FACE? Renee Zellweger's transforming visage has sparked plastic surgery rumours. Here she is in 2010 (left), and today (right).

It feels a bit mean to comment on it, but well, it's undeniable: she doesn't even look like herself.

Her face is none of our business

Renee Zellweger at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards.

OPINION: There's nothing wrong with Renee Zellweger's face. The problem is us.

Swinton's stunning beauty campaign

ICY STARE: 53-year-old Tilda Swinton is the new face of NARS.

With her porcelain skin and enviable bone structure, 53-year-old Tilda Swinton is the perfect canvas.

Calendar all about the curves gallery

Amourous Ava scores a bulls eye in December.

A new pin-up calender by a vintage-loving Kiwi photographer proves women do not need to be "super skinny" to look sexy.

Gisele: Beauty ads 'unattainable' video

'ASPIRATIONAL': Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen has slammed beauty adverts for making women "feel distant".

The supermodel says unrealistic adverts can "make women feel so distant" - days after her glamorous film for Chanel was released.

Can anyone pull off a micro fringe?

BANG ON TREND: Love it or hate it, Beyonce's new fringe could be the start of a hair revolution.

A questionable beauty trend best left in the '90s or a cutting edge must-have look? You decide.

Amazing makeup transformations


The Godfather, Heisenberg, Rocky and Rambo - this woman can turn into anyone.

Date night beauty tips


Five special-night-out beauty directives that will have you feeling super confident.

Beauty buys: Purple reign


Pinky-purple has been crowned colour of the year, why not incorporate it into your beauty routine?

Beauty trend: Marvellous matte


Glossy lips be gone, the pendulum is swinging back the other way as matte textures come back into fashion.

How to look fabulous in photographs


There's never been a better time to know the basics of camera-ready beauty.

Get Selena's stunning Met Gala hair


It may look elaborate, but you can achieve Selena's sophisticated Met Gala hair in just three easy steps.

Easy (and cheap) nail art


Nail art has always been in our 'too hard' basket - not now.

Fight the winter frizz


Cold air, indoor heating and hot tools team up in winter to create the perfect storm for dry hair and sensitive scalps.

25 lazy-broke girl beauty hacks


Who actually throws their mascara out after six months? We ain't got time for that.

Master this Korean beauty secret


In South Korea, 24/7 dewy skin is an art form: that enviable no-makeup makeup look.

Bath + mask = bliss


Is there anything more restorative than a steaming hot bath? Try throwing in a spa-worthy face mask too.

Sunday loves: What's new in beauty


We give you a round up of the latest and greatest in new beauty products.

Face scrubs are back


From fine powders to electrical gadgets... here's all you need to know about facial scrubs.