We love this makeup-free video


This made us so happy we thought we'd share.

Beauty: Lid primers and no-brows


Prefer it if your eye makeup didn’t look like a smudged mess by lunchtime? We’ve found the solution.

We love: Body oils


This Sunday we look at some of the best body oils on the market.

Beauty: New arrivals

new arrivals

This week's new arrivals in the beauty world.

World Cup beauty loses modelling contract


L’Oreal cuts ties with World Cup fan after a flood of criticism over pics of her hunting.

World Cup model fan in hunting controversy


The teen model talent-spotted at the World Cup is now embroiled in a hunting scandal.

World Cup fan gets major modelling deal


Belgian fan was just a face in the World Cup crowd; now she's scored a major modelling gig.

The most awkward Photoshop fails of 2014

Photoshop fails

We're only about halfway through the year, but already the internet's thrown out some insane digital makeovers.

In my beauty bag: Zoe Foster-Blake

Zoe Foster-Blake

Former beauty editor, hilarious author and new mum Zoe Foster-Blake gives us the lowdown on all things beauty.

Best & worst: Haircuts of the World Cup


From super short and stylish to a dreaded nightmare, we break down the most talked about manes from Brazil 2014.

What has she done to her hair?!


Kristen Stewart looks like she's been the victim of a tragic Sun-In accident.

Extra credit for hairy pits


Students in the US are being encouraged to defy body hair norms, resulting in revulsion from their peers.

Beauty: After glow


Anti-pigmentation products may be just the thing to get you closer to complexion perfection.

Life in plastic, it's fantastic

Human Barbie

Known for her tiny waist, huge breasts and alien-like eyes - the 'Human Barbie' now has some creepy competition.

What's with all the superfood beauty collabs?

Alexa Chung

Health-food aisle ingredients are popping up in beauty products, so are superfoods actually effective externally?

Shaaanxo at a million, and rising

Shannon Harris

What does a million YouTube subscribers do for your confidence? Just ask Shannnon Harris.

In my beauty bag: Nikki Lovrich

Nikki Lovrich

As you'd expect, the beauty bag of a makeup pro is full of expertly curated products - but which ones are her faves?

'Real men' versus underwear models


There are plenty of 'real women' campaigns around, but what about the men? Well...

Miss America crowns wrong winners, twice

The gaffes continue in the quest to find Miss America 2014.

The gaffes continue in the quest to find Miss America 2014, with two ladies stripped of their crown.

An open letter to fancy beauty salons


OPINION: I'm paying good money, so please stop pointing out that I look like Magda in There's Something About Mary.

Freaky and frightening Japanese beauty trends

Beauty treatments

From the 'F Cup Cookie' to various non-surgical nose jobs, these Japanese gizmos take things way too far.

Chemo for the body, makeup for the soul

Carolyn Wall

Six months after being diagnosed with cancer, Carolyn found out 'how to look like a normal person again'.

Well this is just freaky ...


How do they get 'more air in their hair'? Well, by using creepy green-screen ninjas of course!

Lorde: 'I've grown a lot'


The 17-year-old singer talks on bossing up, her badass mum and being the new face of Mac.

9 images that will make you rethink beauty

9 images that will make you rethink beauty

The woman had a simple request. How the artists responded showed a lot about the world.

Beauty: Alphabet Soup

Angelina Jolie

Learn the difference between BB and CC cream, before the new DD cream arrives - and yes, they are coming.

What girls hear when they're called pretty


This powerful ad reminds us what happens when girls are always told they're pretty.

Perfumes causing aggressive allergies


Are there more chemicals being used in perfumes and sprays that are hurting more people than 10 or 20 years ago? Yes.

Men: This is your new style icon


In the nineties ladies requested 'The Rachel', well now men are asking their barber for 'The Ricki'.

Beauty: Take it all off

eye makeup

Not all makeup removers are up to the job. The superior stand out.

15-year-old signs with Kate Moss' agency

juliette perkins

Juliette Perkins has landed a modelling contract with one of the biggest agencies in the world.

The sexiest people in the world come from...

Adriana Lima

South American beauties and Australian brawn have come out on top of a poll on geographical hotness.

Beauty: How to avoid red nose day


Find yourself constantly re-applying foundation to combat tissue use? Here's how to keep Rudolph at bay...

What has Katy done to herself?!


Slicked down hair, strange braids and those eyebrows! Beauty trends are moving in a strange direction.

Top five beauty pageant fails


Bad grammar, bumbling, odd role models: here's some next-level model awkwardness.

Why we love watching beauty queens blunder

Beauty queen

People love to jump on the bandwagon, mocking the women who, let’s face it, aren't vying for Mensa membership.

In my beauty bag: Charlotte Devereux


The always polished woman behind Egg maternity spills on her biggest beauty mistake and her key products.

Four tips to tame winter hair

	 winter hair

Cold air, indoor heating and hot tools team up in winter to create the perfect storm for dry hair and sensitive scalps.

Miss USA's geography gaffe


Nia Sanchez, aka Miss Nevada, can't recall the capital city of the very state she represents.

Easy (and cheap) nail art

nail art

Nail art has always been in our 'too hard' basket - not now.

Symmetry isn't always more seductive


A new project by a US fashion photographer challenges the belief that balance is more beautiful.

The art of choosing the right foundation


Finding that dream match can be a mission – especially if your complexion is at either extreme of the spectrum.

This week we're obsessed with ...


Nicki Minaj ditching Barbie-chic, a woman in heels falling over and Christian Bale's secret father.

Is the beard truly an endangered species?


What do furry animals and a cross-dressing singer tell us about the beard's future?

Nailing the new trend

Yellow nails

Television characters are the latest converts to the biggest beauty trend in years: coloured nail polish.

In my beauty bag: Kati Kasza


Kati Kasza says keeping a beauty routine simple will make it more achievable.

11 hottest World Cup WAGS


Meet the first ladies of football, from a Russian beauty to a famous pop star and a Lebanese divorcee.

Miss Indiana praised for 'normal' body


Miss Indiana creates a storm for actually possessing a tiny bit of stomach fat (shock horror).

Yellow makeup: Yay or nay?

Yellow nails

Sunny hues are lovely for flowers, rubber duckies and beach towels - but what about yellow makeup?

The internet's crazy new measure of beauty

Finger trap

The 'finger trap test': how to use your finger to measure if you're a hottie or nottie.
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