Review: Gillette Venus Olay razor

STUBBLE TROUBLE: The Gillette Venus and Olay razor fails to deliver.
STUBBLE TROUBLE: The Gillette Venus and Olay razor fails to deliver.

If you read this column regularly you'll know I rate Olay moisturiser. When I found out Olay had teamed up with Gillette, my leg and armpit hairs tingled with excitement (not that you needed to know that though).

Like all Gillette Venus razors, it promises a close smooth shave with five blades, but this time with Olay moisture bars added top and bottom. The idea is genius - like Venus' Breeze there's no need for soap, and the Olay moisture bars not only lather but moisturise as well.

It's pretty and gold, and the replaceable blade is fitted on a moving handle so you can get into all your nooks and crannies.

But sadly none of these amazing innovations can hide the fact that the product blows. Yup, it blows. It's hopeless. It doesn't work - unless you like stubble that is, but personally I'll save that for George Clooney's face.

And I don't even have super hairy legs; I'm the type that can get away without shaving for weeks before anyone noticing the light blonde fuzz creeping out from under my dress. I did everything it told me to do on the packet (get into shower, wet legs, shave), but much to my dismay, my legs had six o'clock shadow the minute I got out of the bathroom.

And I won't even bother telling you about my armpits. Actually I will - they were stubbly. And itchy from running the razor over them so many times in desperation to get a close shave. The fancy-looking gold razor is now in the bin, and my happy legs are getting lovely and smooth thanks to a 10- pack of disposable razors from Pams.

Gillette Venus & Olay Razor, $15.99, is available from department stores and supermarkets.