Review: Nellie Tier Hydrating Masque

Last updated 05:00 19/09/2012
Nellie Tier Hydrating Masque
Nellie Tier Hydrating Masque, $45.

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Face masks are a fabulous idea, but who has time for them? As good as I know they are for me, I get around to applying them once in a purple moon.

Those deep extraction oatmeal and clay mud masks? I simply find myself extracting blackheads while procrastinating over my deadline in the office toilets. Those glorious cucumber peels? My face peels more than enough in summer when I forget my sunscreen, thanks.

But what about hydration? Apart from a slathering of cold cream I really didn't have an answer for that one, until I heard about a new product from sweet little Auckland company Nellie Tier. It sat on my dresser for a good few days until I realised that it wasn't the time-consuming, wash-off type.

Straight out of the shower, my pores still open, I smeared a pile of Nellie Tier's Hydrating Mask all over my face and neck. The recommended soak time was 10-15 minutes - perfect for my stroll to work. Thankfully the product goes on clear, so I didn't look like a slimy troll at the traffic lights but simply like I had dewy makeup.

With all natural ingredients like aloe vera and borage seed oil to combat dryness and redness, and pomegranate and sea-buckthorn to help skin rejuvenation, I felt my morning stroll to work was becoming something of a miracle moment.

Once at work I wiped off the excess product and whipped on my makeup. My flakes and redness were gone and my face smelt sweetly of roses for the rest of the day.

Nellie Tier Hydrating Mask, $45. See for stockists.

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