Review: Botanical Intensive Oil

01:18, Oct 11 2012
face oil
Oxygen Skincare’s Botanical Intensive Oil.

Since I first tried facial oils last year, I've become a sucker for them.

I've thrown all my old facial moisturisers to my girlfriends and now rely solely on oil-based serums for my moisture.

At the moment I have three different types on the go, but I'm always on the lookout for more.

Packed full of natural essential oils, they are very therapeutic to apply and often have wonderful de-stressing scents.

Except for this one.

Oxygen Skincare's Botanical Intensive Oil sounded wonderful on the bottle - with blackcurrant, pomegranate and marula oils, which promise to revitalise and clarify.


I desperately wanted to like it, I really did. But I couldn't get it near my face.

I first trialled the product on my ring finger and began to dry retch. Never have I smelt a beauty product that did such violent things to me.

I tried again, and retched. I sniffed again in the hope that something was wrong, and then grabbed my wastepaper bin and sat my head in it.

Was I going mad? I scrubbed at my finger furiously with hot water and soap, but the pong still remained.

I washed twice more and spent the afternoon with my finger poking away from me at arms length. Had the product gone off?

I rang the PR, there didn't seem to be a use-by date as it was an oil. I rang Oxygen themselves - they couldn't help me either, except by explaining that the scent of the product was "quite strong and nutty smelling" because of the marula oil.

I took it for a trip around the office. "It smells... weird," said one colleague.

Until she rubbed it onto her skin. "Oh gawd! Once you rub it in it smells awful!" she cried.

One thought it smelt like cod liver oil, another said it smelt like play dough, and one more thought it was fishy.

We had one guinea pig say it smelt rancid and another likened it to wet dog.

All five women went straight to the bathroom to wash the oil off - none could handle the smell of it on their skin.

So unless you can prove that I'm working with a bunch of madwomen, I suggest you only try this oil if you have no sense of smell - or have a secret fetish for the smell of wet dog.

It might make me 10 years younger, but I have to get it near my face first.

Oxygen Botanical Intensive Oil - for mature skin, $49 from pharmacies nationwide and